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    How We Spent It 9-8-2016

    First, I would like to apologize for the twenty half-written pieces of crap I have not finished and posted. Second, you’re welcome because I didn’t post twenty half-written pieces of crap. MR. BRICKIE GOES BACK TO WORK MONDAY! It deserves all caps, I promise. Here are the bad decisions and good decisions I’ve made this month that cost tons of money: OrthoK lenses for Middle Sister $1100 Chest freezer $140 2 Tires $165 2 Cats $700 (this includes two vet visits with a range of shots and a year of revolution) the cats also have a lovely godmother who donated $100 to cover the adoption fee because they are shelter…

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    How We Spent It 5/26/2016

    Today another workman’s comp check cleared ($721.30) and it went to the usual suspects: Groceries/Gas/Tolls/Etc. $270 Insurance Savings $120 Emergency Fund Refill $240.48 Buffer Refill $90.82 First I would like to point out something I think is super positive. Our lifestyle/bills and income have done some criss-cross in the graph of personal finance where the last check of the month only goes toward a savings account (so we can pay insurance in full and avoid extra charges for making payments) and that’s it. We are aaaaaaaalmost able to live on three checks out of the month. In my fantasy life, I pay all the bills with one check because it’s…

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    How We Spent It 5/16/2016

    I meant to post this sooner. How can time move so slow AND so fast? I went to see a long-time family friend graduate college and Mr. Brickie forgot to check the mail. That means his check didn’t get deposited until after 8pm on Thursday so it wasn’t available until today. Monday. Sometimes I wonder if he isn’t trying to kill me. Paying bills is pretty much the only self-care we can afford right now. It keeps me calm, makes me feel like I’m on track, and no matter how bad he feels for not depositing the check on time it doesn’t take away that I had to resort to…