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    Happy New Year! 2018 is going to be a blast!

    Really, how is it going to be March tomorrow? I didn’t even manage a single post in January but at least I’m squeaking in before March officially hits. That makes me feel better about neglecting basically everything in my life including the blog. The problem is I’m very boring in the winter and I stop blogging because every other week would be a post along the lines of, “Hey, we got unemployment, tried to find temp work, paid minimums on credit cards, and are still making bad life decisions.” It would get tiring. I’m still here and the winter is almost over which always leads me to think about writing, planning…

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    Back to Work 2016!

    Great News!!!!!!!! Mr. Brickie just texted me from training – he starts work Friday!! (Training is M-Th) This is, by far, the earliest he’s started working. Last year he started in April. The year before he started in late June. The earlier he starts, the more hours he works. The more hours he works the more he vests into his benefits and health insurance. The more hours he works, the sooner he will get to the next apprentice level and closer to the goal of being a Journeyman! Also, the sooner he begins working the more money we make through the year and the more likely it is I will…

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    A Rambling, Random Update

    There’s the woman at the bus stop who accused one of us moms of calling child services on her. She promised if her kids were taken she would take us all down with her. Dun Dun DUNNNNN! (She cold-clocked her kid upside her head in front of the mandatory reporter school bus driver and four neighbors … I don’t know why she thinks one of us moms called but she seems pretty sure.) There’s the cyst I had that turned out to be a raging staph infection requiring serious antibiotics that made me feel worse than the stupid abscess did. No, I didn’t record it. Yes, it was glorious if…

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    Happy August!

    I’ve used You Need A Budget for a month and it’s been wonderful. I thought I was doing fine with my spreadsheet and my forecasting and all those changes. I felt like having to track every single penny would be awful and make me feel strangled with details. On the contrary, it feels like we could do so much  more with the money we had. I can look and see exactly how much we spent on groceries in July without calculating anything. It’s great. There is a change I made to Wednesday’s How We Spent It. I took $40 off of the overpayment to Capital One and added it to…

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    How We Spent It 06/08/2015

    A rare sighting of the husbandus conversationist happened yesterday. It’s like sighting something in the wild that you almost missed but looked in the right place at the right time and saw a peek through some tall grass. You crouch to try and be unobtrusive and then, without a care in the world and no help from you, that damn lion in all it’s giant-maned glory steps toward you and you as if to say, “Drink it in. We have all the time in the world.” Translation: My husband is a practical dude and getting him to talk about theoretical stuff – espcially economic stuff – is really rare. I’m hoping he…

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    So Much Work for a Lateral Move!

    My friend Carla is a very smart woman. But you know what? The Next Level? It doesn’t mean anything at all. Taking something to the next level is a concept that can mean whatever you want it to be. It’s a new-fangled way of telling people not to stray off the path if they want to get to a goal. Paths, levels, blah blah blah it’s all the same smoke and mirrors. I spend time working on my budget every single day. I don’t honestly know why the budget is the thing that stuck but it happened the way every single, “I finally decided enough was enough and I lost…

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    The I in Team

    I poke my arm out from the comforter, reach behind me, and tap-and-feel the top of the nightstand until I feel the familiar shape of my phone. My fingers curl around the familiar rectangle and I bring it close to my face, squinting, and tap the little part of the screen that quiets the alarm for a few sweet, silent minutes. I should know it by feel but I don’t want to accidentally turn the alarm off so every morning starts with me squinting into a screen. All set for a few more minutes of solid rest, I snuggle a little deeper under into my comforter. My eyes fly open when I hear…

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    How We Spent It! (4/15/15)

    I’m so excited Mr. Brickie is back at work. It’s day two and we heard that he is going to be working another day or two and then they’ll be off until the stone gets in. It’s been ordered but, well, shit happens. I have this tagged with the unemployment graphic because he’s only been at work one day (not including today) so he’s technically not working even though…well…you’ll see in a minute. Next week I’ll use the regular graphic again. (Like you care. This is a classic case of overexplaining. Don’t do that.) Here’s a weird thing about being a union bricklayer. When they tell him he’s off and…

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    Guess Where Mr. Brickie Is?

    Where’s Mr. Brickie? He’s not here…..is he there? He’s not over in a chair. He’s not still asleep in bed with a pillow on his head. Where could he be? What could he be doing? Is he hiding in the hall? HE’S AT A WORK SITE MAKING MONEY Y’ALL Not, “At a side job.” Not, “Doing a family member a favor.” Not, “Painting something.” At a bricklayer work site doing bricklayer things. WITH BRICKS. (…and maybe stone) We found out yesterday, including the all-important address, but I still didn’t want to say anything because I get tired of saying THIS IS IT and it turns out the “this” is, in…

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    A Wrench In The Works

    We were totally planning on moving this Saturday and all we have done to this point has been to prepare for that and we were sad Mr. Brickie hasn’t worked this week but it was also kind of a blessing in disguise because he’s been able to paint and move things every day and gotten us a giant head start. When he called tonight from the apartment it was to let me know the painting in the kitchen was almost finished (the last room!) and that he received a text from his foreman that the crew was working on Saturday. He called because he was unsure if he should go…

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