Uh….I suck at art.

Except picmonkey. Well, I have photoshop but I’m lazy and PicMonkey gives me the ability to be lazy and still make fun memes because dude a picture and a one liner never goes out of style.

Today I created:


Because I gotta tell you I was tired this morning. Bone-weary tired. But then I got it together and started my morning and had a shower and had buckets of coffee and uploaded chicken videos to YouTube and they will be on the ChickenCam page in about ten minutes and I felt like this:


Isn’t it fun to create simple art that communicates easily to others exactly how you are feeling?

It’s not going to end up in the Met but whatever, I was never going to end up in the Met for anything so it’s not like I’m missing out on my dreams.


Axis of Ineptitude

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