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Is Summer Going Great for Everyone but Me?


If I don’t get a good night’s sleep soon I may go completely mad.

I don’t know if that will look any different than I do on a day-to-day basis. For all I know I’ve always been mad.

The budget this week is both good and bad. I finally paid off the Macy’s card! I did it by dipping into the rent savings account.. So not my most mature move but I’m hoping it helps me sleep tonight.

I also have this amazing plan where all of the charges from the dentist and optometrist I put on that 21 months no interest card would be paid off if I just need $170 payment every month. I messed that up by making the minimum payment of $40 and putting the rest of the money from the paycheck after groceries, gas, etc. into a hidden category just in case other expenses for the girls come up before the next paycheck comes in.

I know the reason I can’t sleep is because I’m overwhelmed with stress over money. I know I’m spending too much but I don’t know if that’s a bad thing I don’t know if I’m spending money in the right ways but I don’t know what the right ways are. Everyone says I’m supposed to be finding balance, but what does balance even mean?

Tomorrow we’re going to a free event at the park district because I’m also trying to do things with the kids that don’t cost any money. I guess my biggest problem is I never thought summer was going to be an issue financially. It sounds stupid even writing that. Of course summer was going to be more financially draining! The kids are here! They want things like breakfast and lunch.

I did send them out once to the park a quarter block away for the town’s “free lunch for all the kids” program. They loved it. I need to set a weekday alarm to remind myself to send them more often.

Mr. Brickie supported my decisions with regard to paying off the Macy’s card with rent savings. I want to be happy but I think he would support anything if it would stop my hollow-eyed muttering during the day. Not sleeping makes me mutter. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because I’m trying not to forget anything but I’m not going to lie, it’s a little creepy.

Here are the current numbers. No Macy’s (hooray!) but still some big balances on the remaining two cards.

I’m not sure if I feel better or not but I don’t cringe as hard when I look at the budget. I feel confident I can refill that savings category. The Macy’s slog felt way more long-lasting.

How We Spent It:
$721.30 incoming from workman’s comp
$82.94 Net10 (2 cell phones)
$40.00 Citi payment
$95.84 Buffer refill because I spent a lot last week on athletic shorts for volleyball and volleyball camp.
$270.00 Groceries ($150), Gas ($20), Tolls ($40), Stuff I forgot but oh I need cash for ($60)
$232.52 Officially stashed in a way-down-in-the-budget category in case I need it but most likely it’s going right back into rent savings. I would put it there now but I’ve withdrawn three times from savings this month and I hate even getting close to 6 withdrawals because I don’t want all my savings accounts shut down.

The numbers look like this: 2016-6-10 ynab

The Emergency fund needs to be at $1000 and the $2250 Rent Savings should (by the end of this month) be at $790.86. I think I can get the Rent Savings back to its former glory by the end of the month. I’m certainly going to try.

Summer is killing me financially. I have to get it under control.

How Should I Spend It? (and a check depositing mistake)


Car repairs had laid us a little low and the auto insurance is coming due. I think to myself, “Self, take the money from the emergency fund and put it on the credit card you’re going to have it billed to (because 3% amazon credit) and everything will be fine.”

We get a check from the side-job and I think to myself, “Self, you’re a genius and here’s how you’re going to do a genius thing. Deposit that check right into the emergency fund account! You are so smart, self, now pat yourself on the shoulder because you’re not nearly flexible enough to pat yourself squarely on the back!”

I’ve deposited checks from this party on numerous occasions and it takes two business days to clear. I’m used to it. Before I would say I was knowledgeable. Now I would say I was spoiled.

I was shocked when my mobile deposit screen said the money would be on hold for five business days. So the check I deposited last Friday still isn’t available today on a week later Friday! It will be in there and liquid on Monday. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a long time!

I don’t need the money. I don’t plan on spending the money.

It still bothers me.

Wihtout further ado, however, here is the current rundown of what’s going on!

Expenses for MAY (I’m not paying these yet but they’re all due sometime next month)
$260 – Rent (savings)
$496 – Car Payment (we’re at under 6k left that we owe!!)
$195 – Gas/Electric
$440 – Auto Insurance (6 month bill)
$151 – Credit Card Auto-Bill (Internet/Renter’s Insurance/Cell Phones)

Credit Cards
$779.11 – Walmart Credit Card
$308.11 – Amazon.com Credit Card
$1,144.72 – CapOne CC (We have stopped using this one.)
$2,270.33 – Chase Visa

$260 – Top off emergency fund to $1000

Current Liquid Balances
$289 – Checking Account
$760 – Rent Savings Account (Nov – Jan $2250 by Nov 15th)
$740 – Emergency Fund (Included is the $400 deposit not available until Monday)

Incoming as of Today
$700 – Side Job Money  (not bricklaying)
$334.74 – Two days working last week (He got a promotion to 60% apprentice over the winter.)

The incoming deposits will be available on 4/29. (TWO business days. See? Gah. Never again!)

Projected Incoming in the Next Week

At least another week on the side job ($800? $700? $200? Really, I can’t be sure. In addition, we have a tentative return to bricklaying work scheduled for mid-to-late next week. All this means I don’t have any numbers on income but he’s doing SOMETHING that will get him paid next week.

We received another check today for $700 and I’m obviously going to deposit to checking so I don’t have to wait over a week to have access, but I’m trying to decide what to spend it on!

I would love to use the Incoming Payments pay off the Walmart card and the Amazon store card. I just have to make sure there is more than enough room on the Chase Visa card for the Auto Insurance autobill on May 18th. (I hate paying extra for the monthly payments. Hate!)

I’m just kind of at an impasse here because the income is SO up in the air.

But…I think he’s going to continue working. Sure, it’s a risk but there’s also an emergency fund. I would love to just get those two cards paid off. It would feel like we’re making some real forward progress.

I think that’s what I’m going to do. Pay off the $1,087.22 (Walmart & Amazon) with the $1,034.74 in checks we deposited today (that will be available on Wednesday) and the $52.48 difference will come from the checking account, since we only leave $200 in there for living expenses.

The math sounds a little funny and “too good to be true” but I think we can swing it.

What do you think?

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