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    Chat It Up Saturday (The “Is Craigslist Money Taxable Income?” Edition)

    We ended last month and started this month worried. Very worried. Now, thanks to a partial client payment that we thought would never come (He’s made four payments over the last year. We keep thinking about cutting bait but haven’t yet.), another blogging gig, and selling a glass desk on Craigslist things are looking noticeably more rosy and it’s only the 8th! I had a couple comments about people who under-report income. I’m wondering if the money we got from selling the desk is income. We bought it for more than it was just sold for. If a business did the same thing they would be able to report a…

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    5 Ways To Be Happy(er) About Paying Bills

    I can’t help it. Music, coffee, and a smile are how I greet my bills. I’ve always felt awesome about paying bills but took for granted that was a normal feeling. Over time, I realize that many people are so busy feeling the loss of what they can’t do with that money that they are getting the joy of paying bills stolen right from them. That makes me sad and I hope to help out some of those people (maybe even you?) with these tips. No One is Going to Disney-Land-World with the Electric Bill Money One bill is not big enough for anyone to take a vacation on. I…

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    Budget Update (Feb 2014)

    You can probably tell I plan on making this a regular feature. Hopefully I can keep it interesting and fun. Goodness knows I could talk about budgeting forever but I know not everyone is as excited as squishing pennies to death as I am. You are always welcome to let me know if there’s something you’d like to know about my interesting financial situation. (Facebook, twitter…let me know!) Also, I figure if it’s not fun at least it’s suspenseful, so that’s something anyway. Our expenses don’t change dramatically, so this may turn out to be a quarterly update. I don’t even know. Also, I wanted to make the budget before…

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    Professional Advice to Cut the Budget

    Today Mr. Brickie talked to NACA for his second intake interview. To their credit, they had all 65 pages of the fax organized and only needed to go through about six questionnaires. They covered budget, expenses, and other financial things. The irony (and I know you are not going to be surprised) is that he used the information we faxed over to answer the questions. So that was an hour and half that didn’t need to happen. He didn’t mind and was super-polite but still, what is the point of hunting down and sending over all that information if you just have to answer the same questions over the phone?…

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    Update on 2014 Goals So Far

    Whew! January was one heck of a month. We scrambled, we worried, we fretted all over the house. Money-making ideas were batted around left and right and center. We researched ebay, etsy, craigslist, and other options of doing things to bring income in for winter. Honestly, the best thing we did was write. I wrote articles, Mr. Brickie wrote articles, and we banked cash in Paypal. It looks probable at this point we will be able to pay our bills in February. It’s not 100% yet, but it’s looking good. The car payment is always the kicker. I also have to do the taxes today. It is a time I…