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    Pouring > Raining

    Sorry about this in advance but I’m going to whine about my health one more time. I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow but I got a respiratory infection! I had a regular doctor appointment scheduled Wednesday and when she saw me she told me having surgery would be begging for complications and she texted the surgeon and they called me to reschedule. I’ve been downright miserable, but let’s talk money. We found out we can’t buy a place until February and it has really bummed both of us out because you’ll remember we signed our first apartment lease November 15th and the lady foreclosure court date was in December……

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    Forced Spending Reduction

    I’m an awful person. I figure if I start out with the obvious, it won’t seem like I’m trying to sound like a good person with what I’m about to share. We have been trying and doing a really half-assed job of not spending beyond our means. It’s been so much more difficult than it’s ever been before. There has to be something in my brain (and in Mr. Brickie’s brain) that has changed or something. I know I’m not being super clear and it is almost more of a feeling than a fact but…not spending money used to be a lot easier. It could also be that my children…

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    Labor Day & Long Weekends

    Mr. Brickie is going to be off on Labor Day this Monday and because NO ONE is allowed to be on school property the first two days of school he will also be off on Tuesday and Wednesday. We don’t think he’s working this Saturday. That would mean a 5 day weekend. Whew! He could use it with all the overtime he’s been working but man, that paycheck is going to be a sad state of affairs. Also, for those of you following Mr. Brickie’s journey to journeyman (hahahaha I’m SO WITTY) he is 12 work days away from his next promotion to a 90% apprentice. He’s getting so close!…

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    Medical Budgeting (How not to do important things series.)

    I do not have any amazing solutions for medical budgeting. If someone asked me I would tell them to save a hundred dollars a minute until they saved everything and that would be good. I mean, I still don’t even understand how my insurance works with an 80/20 split on payments but then also a deductible but no copays. I haven’t googled it in a couple years. I should try again – the Internet is always coming up with answers for things I couldn’t find even a few months ago. The thing is, there’s never a way to know how much money you or your family will need for medical…

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    Always Hitting A Wall

    I, like almost everyone (I think), spend all the money when the paycheck comes in. No matter how much I expect a raise to give us some breathing room, there never seems to be any. The big hit this time around is the miscalculation of the rent. To have the three months we need I need to save $467/mo for the next three months. Less than most mortgages, for sure, but when it’s unexpected…it’s a big bill. I’m not complaining, though, because Mr. Brickie is still working that (non-bricklaying) side job with his buddy and while I know it seems obvious to put that extra cash toward the credit card…

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  • Wellness

    The Sunday Night Panic

    Honestly, I don’t know what causes it. The overwhelming sense of dread that creeps in on Sunday night before bed. The feeling that makes me afraid to turn off the light and snuggle under the covers alone with my thoughts. No matter how many lists I write, alarms I set, or reminders in my phone…I never feel prepared. There is too much to do and not enough time and energy to get it done. Maybe it’s nerves because I had to schedule appointments with specialists last week. Maybe it’s because the wind is coming in from the Northwest. Maybe it’s the bariatric pressure. Or it’s just my mind turning on…

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    How We Spent It! 8/4/2017 (It’s back!)

    I’m doing all the happy dances. This is the first 40 hour paycheck Mr. Brickie has gotten not just this YEAR but since he’s been an 80% apprentice. I didn’t know what a full check would look like. Normally I do projections with the Hourly Paycheck Calculator from Paycheck City and it’s pretty close. We hit a huge milestone with his last promotion to 80% … his take home pay for a week where he gets his full 40 hours is over a thousand dollars. I damn near fainted. We have quit using the credit cards and I’m doing balance transfers to put the debt into a “hold and pay…

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    The Ant and the Grasshopper

    If you don’t know the fable off the top of your head, it goes a little something like this. An ant spends all summer hustling for food. His friend the grasshopper chills and enjoys the nice weather. Winter comes. The ant is all good come winter. The grasshopper knocks on the ant’s door and begs for help because he’s starving. The story ends one of two ways. The ant either sends the grasshopper away to die or the ant shares his bounty and the grasshopper learns his lesson. Windfalls in summer make me think of this story. I never really liked the story because I don’t think anyone is just…

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    Un%*!#ing the Budget

    So if you read The Great Save 2017 you will know what I’m talking about here. If you didn’t you can read all about how I realized while writing my actual blog post I hadn’t accounted correctly for my rent payment which needs to be over double what I’ve been putting away. I’ve been diligently saving toward half my goal for the last four months. Uh oh. This is mostly because federal income tax doesn’t get processed until February these days (thanks fraudulent small businesses!) and even though he knows he’s getting nine months of rent in one payment, my landlord will text us …often… if we haven’t made our…

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    The Great Save 2017

    This post could also be called: Disneyland here we come My brother’s destination wedding Come for the day, stay for the week Our first family vacation Those all sound way less cool than THE GREAT SAAAAAVE … so I went with catchy and I’m hoping the bait and switch to a family wedding isn’t going to put you to sleep. I find it terribly exciting that my little brother is getting married. I’m super happy for him. He’s a great guy and his woman is top notch. Great personality, fabulous person, loves my brother. They have been together for years and get along great. They are also huge, HUGE Disney…

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