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My Life List (with inspirational props to J. Money)

Over on Budgets Are Sexy, J. Money has a life list.

It’s different than a bucket list, because I’m never going to die. That’s right. I’m a vampire. Or something. Honestly, I don’t know how it’s different but this is just a list of a few super-fun things I’ve always wanted to do but are now on my fun goals list.

  1. Hop the next train. While J. might think planes are the way to go, I’m a romantic and taking the next train to wherever it’s going has always been a dream of mine. Maybe I watch too many movies. I’d also like to be wearing a flowing scarf and a “traveling suit” with a pair of pumps straight out of the 1940’s when I do this. I do not care if I look silly.
  2. Rent the Vizcaya for a party. This is the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen, with a backyard that looks out onto the water and another backyard used often for magazine shoots because of the garden’s amazing quality. It’s open air and the breeze and the light and … well it’s just magnificent.
  3. Live in a hotel. More specifically, a large suite in a hotel. I’m not sure if I’d prefer Chicago or New York. I might alternate based on the year and my mood. If my children live in some weird city like Fairbanks, Alaska then I’d rotate that in as well. I mean, come on, your laundry is taken care of, your food is a phone call away, you never have to make the bed, and you can make one phone call and someone else will make reservations or plan your whole evening with transportation for you. This would be, honestly, my #1 most desired retirement plan. I’ve never been attached to stuff, and so it would not pain me to not have nick-knacks around. When I am old I truly hope to be agile enough that home-base is nothing more than a place to sleep before you begin enjoying the next day.
  4. Give lavishly and openly to charity. I want to be on boards, I want to be called a philanthropist in print, I want to be known for being an amazing person. Then I want to start a not-for-profit like Modest Needs to help people who just need a little nudge and match all donations and get corporations and other outlets to match other donations. Or maybe just work for Modest Needs if they decided they wanted a blogging, social media, or internet marketing presence greater than they currently have. It’s a great concept and one that made me cry with happiness the first time I heard about it.
  5. Be Immortal. This is sort of like number 4 but not. If you live anywhere near Chicago you’ve heard of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. I want to have a Foundation large enough that every child watching Sesame Street when I’m long gone hears my name on the public radio channel or hears my name while listening to public radio. I want to be immortal through philanthropy.
  6. Do something cool enough that the family is FOREVER branded by it. You know, they’ll talk about great-great-great-great grandmother Jen who ___________ and that’s what makes our family amazing. It’s in the blood to be great. Blah blah blah.
  7. Order random stuff that’s not on the menu. Just because.
  8. Send My Kids to Summer Camp. For like two weeks. Just gone. At camp. See you later, alligator. I always wanted to go to camp and never could. The reason it’s kind of a big deal is because I’d have to let them go that long without having a panic attack that they’re being attacked or violated by random woodland creatures without me around to protect and guide them.
  9. Be Invited to an A-List Party. I don’t care if it’s bloggers, journalists, PR people, or…whomever. I want to be specifically invited with a paper invitation to an event that is both terribly exclusive and horribly fun. Preferably with people I’d want to party with, of course!
  10. Speak at TED about why TED is ludicrous and elitist. Ok, I’m kidding, I’d just love to speak at a conference. I’m not niched so I wouldn’t even know how to begin deciding what to speak on, which is step one to becoming a real speaker. I’d like to be a part of the National Speakers Association as well.
  11. Find the right person and tell them my solution to the whole immigration debacle in America. using already-in-place laws and streamlining processes I think we could fast-track a whole buncha people and weed out the small percentage that are the people everyone holds up as “normal.” This probably requires being or becoming besties with at least one politician. (This is purposefully vague. I’m not anti-human and I’m not anti-immigration. Hell, I’m not anti-mostanything. I do think that undocumented workers cause problems when they are taken advantage of by establishments knowingly exacerbating the problem and then blaming it on the workers. Which is kind of some serious bullcrap.)
  12. Join MENSA. So I can be elitist. Then maybe I can speak at TED. About immigration solutions. *grin*

That’s all I can think of right now. I’ve done or am doing or about to do almost everything I’ve ever wanted. Of course, I haven’t had hugely high standards for getting things done that were amazing. I’ve seen a movie alone, I’ve been picked up by a handsome man at a upscale hotel bar while drinking a martini…all the cool stuff is in my memory banks, not my life list.

What is YOUR life list? Or your life list for right now!

What I Love About Workout Videos

Workout videos show someone doing the workout and instructing you at the same time.

What I hate are workout videos with voiceovers. Can’t stand them.

Also, sometimes the music doesn’t quite match the steps. Since I follow the music I find that my brain can’t handle that I’m moving just a little bit off from what my eyes are seeing and trying to interpret as “the moves.”

It’s especially frustrating because the Bollywood workouts I so love have both of these problems. I want to do them, but just can’t get the hang of it. Especially the feet. There’s so much shuffling it’s like watching a boxer shift the weight from one foot to the other. I just can’t “get” that.

But a nicely produced workout video with clear instruction and an instructor that tells me what’s going on and keeps me entertained while working out? That’s not only helpful, but an inspiration. It’s one of the reasons I love the Tracey Mallett DVDs so much. She also has a “not superwoman” in each of her videos you can follow if you aren’t up to doing the routine full-on. It’s a great workout.


Maybe this should have been in reviews – they are amazon links after all – but it’s about fitness so that’s where it’s going. Plus, these videos are a part of my regular workout routine, they weren’t sent with the intent to review.

You know, I’m going to have a hell of a collection of workout DVDs by the end of the year, I think. Not because I want to collect them, but because I really enjoy workout videos and working out in my home.

Classes are nice too, and I’m going to look and see what’s being offered at my local fitness center, but in the meantime I will sweat in my living room, enjoying every minute and feeling successful with every step!

I Need Workout Socks

Either that or just a hundred more pairs of regular socks.

Socks seem to be the most difficult thing to keep track of in this house. They get put in laundry baskets and then moved around until you can find five single socks of five different types but there isn’t a pair to be seen.

Plus, even when I do have socks in pairs they’re in my drawer in my bedroom. The same bedroom the baby takes a nap in. So, when I put her down for a nap, if I don’t remember to grab socks on my way back out of the bedroom…I can’t workout. I’m not a big fan of barefoot workouts, or I’d just pop in a bellydancing workout.

I got a great recommendation the other day from my bellydance instructor for what DVDs to get on Amazon so I can do more bellydancing at home. Once a week just isn’t enough for me! (Yes, these are amazon affiliate links coming up, if I’m going to link them anyway, why wouldn’t they be? LOL)


So I’m thinking I’m going to pick those up soon and add them to the rotation. I still need to get through more than just the Core Rhythms Quick Workout, but I’m afraid to do the full workout until I can get through the five minute one!

Do you have any interesting ways of keeping track of your socks so you don’t end up barefoot and not-worked-out when you want to be? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

A Little Tidbit About Hydration During Workouts

I am so excited!

I’ve been thinking this whole “drink before you get thirsty” is some seriously counter-intuitive b.s. but couldn’t prove it. Luckily I don’t have to because has gathered up some studies about hydration and what and when to drink. Here’s a snippet:

Here’s a look at the old and new views on hydration.

Old: Drink ahead of your thirst.
New: Drink according to your thirst.

For years, sports nutrition experts advised athletes to drink “ahead of thirst,” that is, to drink before getting thirsty and more frequently than what thirst dictated during exercise….

Visit and read the article to learn even more about hydration!

I Just Keep Getting Sucked Back In!

So I decide to go to school and completely change my direction.

But there’s just this one company I decide to work for. The one run by a friend of mine. The one I’d pretty much do anything for because I trust her business sense like I trust a bloodhound to find stuff. She’s amazing.

Then there’s this other company I loved working for. They were amazing and cutting-edge and fun and all the things you want from a social media company. I worked for them for a year and then budgets dried up and while I wouldn’t say I was no longer needed, I would definitely say I was no longer budget-friendly.

So I’m taking care of three kids ranging in age from five years old to ten months old, I’m going to be working with my friend’s company, I’m going back to school, I’m trying to keep my house from looking like an episode of Hoarders, plus keep a semblance of a social life and finish the Mamavation campaign August 27th with really strong numbers so Leah can use my success – as well as the success of the other Mamavation Moms – to help boost the image of her company.

Then my favorite social media company shoots me an email telling me I’m needed again!

So we have a 50 hour a month commitment through November 1st.

Can I really do it all?

Hell yes I can. Because every single one of those things is something I consider important and wonderful.

Most importantly, every one of those things is something I consider fun.

P.S. If you want to use the icons in the graphic or choose from hundreds of others visit wpmods for a social media icon pack!

Yet Another New Business?

Ok, so I have a little side business I’ve been thinking about.

But…I’m not sure how to start it.

It’s good. Seriously good. I can also think of about a billion ways to market it and get PR for it.

Which is always the tough part for me. Usually I can only think of about a billion ways to market and get PR for someone else’s company.

But, yeah. It’s out there. I can’t find my paper where I write my million-dollar ideas so I’m putting a reminder here.

Putting Square Website Pegs into Round GoDaddy Holes (economy hosting eye-opener)

When you get the Economy GoDaddy Hosting you can only put one website on that bad boy.

So if you’re getting your hosting with GoDaddy (I do not know why you would but our client wants everything all in one place, so we’re doing that) and you have more than one site or blog…go for the middle level at least.

If you cannot figure out why you have two domains up and the alias won’t come off of the subdomain, it’s because you have the economy package from godaddy. You have to upgrade to remove the alias.

Mostly I’m writing this because I searched for two hours to figure that out. When you’re given a login and told to set up two sites, well, you set up two sites. Or try. For another two hours. Before you realize there is a problem and then you can’t find any pages with the answer.

Maybe someone else will search and find this page and it will save them time and frustration.

Have You Ever…Slept In Workout Clothes?

This morning as I was dragging myself from my coffee cup to my bedroom to change into workout clothes, I had a weird thought.

What if I slept in my workout clothes? Then, when the alarm goes off in the morning, I could just get up and do what I need to do.

Does it sound crazy? I’d put on a clean workout outfit and then get up and workout. It seems really simple but after I thought of it I realized I have never seen anyone recommend it or say they did it. Of course, I’m not deep into the fitness community online or anything, but you’d think this would be on every Top Ten Ways to Make Your Workout Easier list on every blog on fitness ever if it’s as good an idea as it sounds.

Have you ever slept in workout clothes to make sure you get your workout in every morning? Do you know anyone that’s done it? What do you think of the idea?

Starting Fresh

Over time, I’ll be adding all the old posts back in. Selectively.

I have the whole blog downloaded as a 1300 page PDF file on my hard drive, so nothing is lost forever. I didn’t realize it would be that long, and I have to say there is something so refreshing about starting entirely from scratch. Beyond Mom v. 1.0 was the first WordPress blog I ever started. Oh, no, that’s a lie. It was the second. I was still getting my footing and trying to decide, exactly, what the hell I was blogging about.

My niche changed from marketing to branding to social media to parenting to being a wife to finance to starting a business and there was some mommyblogging in there too.

So even though it’s a new dawn and a new blog and all that, it’s still the same me, doing the same kinds of things, but hopefully I’ll be able to separate them out so you can only read what you want. For my readers who came to me through my finance posts, the finance category will have its very own RSS. So will family stuff and reviews. If you go look you’ll see the review blog is no more. (More on that in a post to come later…)

There will be a fitness section, too, as I continue the journey I’m on to be the fittest, most nutritious version of me I can be. The nice thing about the individual RSS feeds (once I figure out how to do them, of course) is that you can read only the sections you want to read and ditch the rest.

Ok, enough with rocking the placeholder entry. I’ll see you soon. I have to repopulate this bad boy and that means a lot of talking. Maybe some new topics, and hopefully a lot more videos and humor.