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Jennifer plays a whole lot of roles, but she’s learning to love them all. She is the housewife of a Union bricklayer, a friend to diverse and loving people both on and offline, the head chef of her kitchen, a writer, a unicorn hunter, and mom to some great kids (they’re around here somewhere).

On March 28th, 2013 her husband finished a pre-apprenticeship program for bricklaying. Prior to that both Jennifer and her husband worked in marketing and social media. Jennifer as a Senior Analyst and Mr. Brickie as an AdWords Certified SEO person type thing. They threw their whole lives into the chipper when he changed to a different career. These days, Jennifer is the family problem solver. She container gardens, makes her own shampoo, cooks every day and bakes most days, and does everything she can to live on nothing. I literally don’t do any of that except cook sometimes and bake sometimes. Someday she wants to take her children on a vacation The family went to Disneyland for a family wedding in November of 2017. I do still give the kids all the hugs but they read to me now. She is able to give them some things she couldn’t before and things are looking almost rosy. She does her best to measure her success in smiles from her family but normally fails because her kids argue a lot so she’s thinking of having a “no blood = brownie point” system for measuring her parenting success in the future.

Jennifer uses her blog to showcase a family going through financial stress and career change. She is committed to sharing the hard stuff as it happens so readers can follow not just the highs of her family’s life but also the dark spaces in between the good things. She tends to slack off dramatically in the winter if Mr. Brickie is not working because they don’t do anything if they’re living as a family of five on unemployment. Spring yields new blooms or posts or whatever and that’s when things happen worth sharing.

Look at me feign surprise while I take a selfie. I caught me totally by surprise!

Jennifer isn’t afraid to admit she likes reality television, young adult novels, and searching YouTube for BBC4 documentaries. She is a backyard marshmallow roaster and a recovering overexplainer. She is a people watcher who loves learning why people think the way they do and how those thoughts create decisions that create a life. In decoding others, she sometimes finds insight into her own life. She hopes through this blog she can help others find insight into their lives.

I realize I switch from third to first person. While I didn’t do it intentionally, I’m leaving it that way intentionally. It’s an about page, not my taxes.

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