The closing still hasn’t happened. Last we talked to Mortgage Guy™ he said that the Walmart card needed to drop off Mr. Brickie’s credit report (he was an authorized user) or get paid off.

So, while Mr. Brickie was still in Maryland we decided to pay the darn thing off and hope that a job happened soon enough when he got back from the east coast we could boost the checking account back to $8k and actually close on this place.

While he waited in the airport on Friday afternoon, Mr. Brickie texted everyone he knew to try and get a gig that started on Monday. Now that we paid off that $1900 card it was imperative we get that money back into the account by the time Mortgage Guy™ realizes the card is paid off so we can transition smoothly to the closing.

But there were no jobs to be had that started on Monday.

You know I spent the weekend a total mess. I was so happy to have my honey bunny back home but the low grade stress of this closing has been taking its toll. I wasn’t snappy or crabby…just tired and sad. I don’t mind all the planning and problem solving, but it would be nice if things were easy once in a while. A smooth closing. A regular job that didn’t end and require more hustling to find the next gig.

I probably need to meditate.

Monday at 4pm, Mr. Brickie heard back from one of the people he’d contacted and got a phone number to call. He called and the guy gave him the address of where to start work on Tuesday. The job is five-tens (five days a week, ten hours a day) so he’ll get 40 hours in this week even though he didn’t work Monday.

Come to find out no one worked Monday. It was Veteran’s Day. My kids had school so it didn’t dawn on me bricklayers wouldn’t be working that day.

The general consensus is that this job will go until Thanksgiving. So, not a long time but longer than a week so that’s good.

I don’t know if it will be back to hustling after this gig, either. The current company he’s working for is huge. He was talking to another guy on the job who has been working for them a long time (let’s call him Carl) and even though Carl has been listed in the system as a “traveler” they are asking him to stay put in Chicago for a while. They want Carl to stay local. Carl thinks it’s because there’s a lot of work coming up in the area.

Now Mr. Brickie is in that system as well, so maybe the hustle and grind will be a little less grindy for a while.

The fact he’s working during November at all is really a gift. Six years there has been no winter work and now he’s in this whole new field-within-a-field where a lot of the work is indoors and not affected by the weather.

If he’s working in the Chicago area the commute will be worse (probably an hour and a half average one way) but the pay is higher. Enough that it more than covers the difference in gas and tolls.

Enough that we have closing money next week?

It’s going to be close enough that I won’t know until it happens. I’m not great at calculating taxes on overtime. I have the chart from the IRS but it’s still kind of a crap shoot.

I hate surprises.