Closing still hasn’t happened and now the seller is going to be out of town until the 26th so closing is going to continue in its current state of not happening until at least then.

The sticking point is removing Mr. Brickie as an authorized user on multiple credit cards. Adding him to the cards boosted his credit score enough to qualify for the mortgage but increased his debt to income ratio too much so while he needed to be on them for the initial boost, he needs to be off them for closing.

It’s the worst because it’s all semantics. The cards have debt on them (which I’d already be paying off if I had access to the money in the checking account) and removing him as an authorized user does not remove the debt. We are able to pay a mortgage and pay down debt with the job Mr. Brickie has.

According to the mortgage broker, it’s the underwriters wanting to do the crossing and dotting of all the things so they don’t get in trouble. I’m lucky, because I don’t move when I buy so it doesn’t really matter when it happens. That makes it easier to remain patient.

The Future of this Blog

I need to go back and fix formatting and stuff on my early entries. I’d love to be able to pick a really good (simple!) theme to switch to with some solid (simple!) branding. Then I’d like to go through and crosslink posts, link continued stories to one another, and that kind of thing. That may be my main project for 2019. It will probably take that long to get through everything. Ugh.

More on Mr. Brickie and Work

Mr. Brickie is on a new overnight shift at the same steel mill. It looks like the steelworkers might strike at the end of the month and if they do he does, too. Solidarity is what makes unions work so I’m certainly not complaining.

In addition to extra work with this company another guy on the job with Mr. Brickie told him about another company that does refractory work. Since it seems Mr. Brickie really has a knack for this kind of thing, he’s going to sign up if the work with the current company dries up.

That being said, wherever he’s working it’s so nice to know the weather isn’t a factor. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining, or cold as an ice cube…refractory work keeps on keeping on!

A reliable paycheck will be a whole new experience for us. This time of year he would never get a 40 hour paycheck much less a 50 hour paycheck! I’m excited to see how long he can keep this work stretch going.

Sleep and Overnights

The new ten hour shifts five days a week thing has started. It’s exhausting and I feel really guilty typing up this post while he’s two feet away sleeping, but he insisted I write the post.

He’s really kind. I tend to forget that when I have a cold. I get crabby when I’m low-grade sick.

I think I’m going to hop back in bed and take a little nap before putting dinner in the crock pot. I don’t sleep well when he’s at work so I’m constantly exhausted.