I need to create more categories for this blog than budget & finance. Real estate will probably be a player in the coming months/years so if I plan on continuing to blog that’s an addition I need to make.

This morning when I checked my email I got one from the Mortgage Guy (who will be known for the rest of this post as MG™) asking how much money we have in our bank accounts right now.

Like, the seller is on vacation from today through the 26th so….why does it even matter? I didn’t ask, because I honestly don’t want to hear the answer. I provided so much paperwork up front and had all my ducks in a row and then he passed it all on and asked for a couple things we had already given him and then he didn’t understand the difference between the available funds and the little number on the far right hand side of the transactions list in your bank online that shows the available funds after those transactions went through. We had a conversation that had me thinking MG™ was legitimately asking me to forge a document and I was like, “Nooooope” because I’m not into that white collar crime game.

After that “is this guy asking me to Photoshop a bank statement?” moment I did my best to foist MG™ on to Mr. Brickie so I wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore.

I wonder if he will email back to tell us why he wanted to know. Maybe he’ll ask for proof so I can show him the balance is over $300 less than it was this morning (online bill pay for a couple things went through) or maybe he’ll hold off and ask again on Friday when our bank balance will be roughly the same because Mr. Brickie will get paid.

Yeah, it seems that Mr. Brickie was removed as an authorized user from two cards on August 31st but they’re still showing on his credit report. As soon as they drop off, we close. It’s that simple.

So now it really is a waiting game.

On the bright side, the seller is no longer leaving town for two weeks so when we are ready to close we’ll be able to close and that will be that.

I hope.