Short Answer: People who fail aren’t just full of sour grapes. These businesses only work for people who are full-on extroverts with the kind of energy only found in toddlers and me when I’m having an manic episode.

Long Answer: I’ve tried two MLM companies (Scentsy and LipSense) and I joined BOTH in February (of different years). I wonder what it is about February that makes me make particularly bad business decisions.

The products from both companies are great and I still use products from both companies. It’s just the way the system is set up you have to game it to win. Or, like I said before, have eternal energy.

I should have seen the warning signs from LipSense. I didn’t get orders for a month before I signed up. When I did sign up there was nothing available to sell. I got sucked up in the whole “buying inventory” mistake. I walked away almost breaking even, so I’m not mad and I didn’t lose a bunch of money like some people do in these businesses but I won’t ever do it again.

It’s just not my nature.

That being said if I ever have an original idea I’ll sell my own thing for sure. Just…not other people’s things via a multi-level marketing company. Sure they like to post things about the pyramid scheme of the “cubicle life” but the analogy doesn’t hold water. When my leadership has a worse grasp of logic than I do? It’s not a good sign.

So I’m out. If you want LipSense, I still recommend it. It’s good stuff. I hated the skincare stuff. Well…not hated…I just felt there were a hundred better options for less money at Ulta, you know? Plus it wasn’t until after I signed up they told me I couldn’t talk about anything that was a competing brand. Which is all the skincare stuff I actually use. (I have a friend who sells Perfectly Posh and I love their stuff…no…I’m not going to sell it. I’ve learned my lesson, I swear! If you need a recommendation for a person though, let me know and I’ll send you her way.)

I’m done having people tell me what I can and can’t talk about on my own Facebook page or in my own blog. I don’t hate the company or anything, I’m just done with it. My freedom is too important to give it away for a little lipstick money.