Man. It’s been rough. Sure, it’s minor surgery but we’re on week six and today is my last procedure and I could not be more excited and tired and over this whole wellness process.

I remind myself it’s voluntary so I can’t complain. I’m lucky to have insurance that covers this now so I don’t have varicose veins in 10 years or ulcers in my legs in 20 years.

Getting older is a trip.

Mr. Brickie was off work sick Thursday & Friday and then he was rained out of work Monday & Tuesday so we are going to have two not so great 24hour checks. This is the time of year the weather starts to turn on us like if you keep a wild animal as a pet and you think it’s all cool until the tiger is 200lbs. and gnawing a little too hard on your arm. That’s what October usually feels like.

My habit of paying all the bills as soon as possible instead of spreading them over 4 weeks helped, however. One of the three-day checks only has to cover groceries, etc. this week so the bit of additional money can go toward bills with next week’s three-day check.

I certainly hope it’s a three-day check. Mr. Brickie says the weather looks great for the rest of the week so here’s hoping.

This weekend we got a hotel room to celebrate my daughter’s friend’s birthday. This is absolutely not in the budget.

I’m going to call this the Disneyland Effect. Since there is no way to budget for Disney (and I’m in pain all the time right now) there is a “put it in the chuck-it bucket” effect where all expenses that aren’t budgeted start to look like less of a, “when we can afford it” and more like a, “whatever, I don’t care.”

I recognize this is a dangerous attitude and am trying to get the reins on that horse before it runs right out of the barn doors.

I wish I could hand off the budget to someone else for a little bit. It’s exhausting. I know it will probably go back to being my favorite thing in the world eventually but right now I just want to go back to bed.

Mr. Brickie is on track to become a journeyman in March. I wonder if it will feel different when he isn’t an apprentice anymore… (I’m trying to end on a positive note.)