Short Answer: Dumb Luck

Long Answer: Follow doctor’s orders. If the doctor says, “Stay still. Don’t lift things.” Do that. Otherwise you’ll find your incision is trying to open itself and you’ll become really paranoid.

Also, I got my first medical bill from the first leg procedure. It’s just over $250 and I called to set up a payment plan. As the next four bills come in (presumably for a similar amount?) I call and they will add them to the payment plan in some kind of rotation so I’m not overwhelmed. I’m not sure what the damage on the chest wall surgery will be.


I totally buried the lead here. I didn’t do it on purpose, though, I just got distracted. Mr. Brickie is a 90% apprentice starting Monday. As of monday he is 750 work hours away from being a journeyman and no longer will be an apprentice! *gasp* It’s taken a long time to get here and sometimes I wondered if we ever would.

It comes with a raise and we will find out Wednesday after next how that will look on a paycheck. I’m excited because we need to get moving on that rent savings. It’s looking a little sparse.


We booked our tickets! I booked them on Southwest for $142/person. ROUND TRIP. I caught one of those $47 fare specials and decided to fly into LAX instead of John Wayne (we’ll just take a shuttle for 45 minutes to Disneyland from the airport) and the price went from $1800 for all of us to fly down to $710 … That’s a heck of a difference.

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