Sorry about this in advance but I’m going to whine about my health one more time.

I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow but I got a respiratory infection! I had a regular doctor appointment scheduled Wednesday and when she saw me she told me having surgery would be begging for complications and she texted the surgeon and they called me to reschedule.

I’ve been downright miserable, but let’s talk money.

We found out we can’t buy a place until February and it has really bummed both of us out because you’ll remember we signed our first apartment lease November 15th and the lady foreclosure court date was in December… but the deed change wasn’t recorded until Feb 15th, 2015.

We can’t apply for a mortgage until Feb 16th, 2018.

A bit of a setback, but I guess it could be way worse. We have spent those 3 years improving our credit scores and cleaning up our credit reports.

We will be ready come February.

In the meantime we are treading water, paying bills, and I’m on the couch whining and being sick. (Unless it’s time to drop off or pick up a kid, then I’m moving!)

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