Labor Day & Long Weekends

Mr. Brickie is going to be off on Labor Day this Monday and because NO ONE is allowed to be on school property the first two days of school he will also be off on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We don’t think he’s working this Saturday. That would mean a 5 day weekend. Whew! He could use it with all the overtime he’s been working but man, that paycheck is going to be a sad state of affairs.

Also, for those of you following Mr. Brickie’s journey to journeyman (hahahaha I’m SO WITTY) he is 12 work days away from his next promotion to a 90% apprentice. He’s getting so close! Of the original 13 people that were in his apprentice class, three of them are working bricklayers today.

When everyone talks about rebuilding after natural disasters, I think about tradespeople. A shortage is about to happen. I hope people find jobs they can love for life in the midst of the chaos and sadness.

We have been a little out of control on spending lately. I had to pay $150 toward Middle Sister’s annual appointment for her Ortho-K lens measurement. I had to go to urgent care for an abscess and that was $77 out of pocket. Then we went to Target and bought a new bike helmet for Middle Sister (she did not have one that fit and rides her bike every day) and some socks for Little Sister. It ended up being $100 trip. This is why I don’t go out shopping with the kids, like, ever. I’m much better at sticking to a budget when I shop online!

We are trying to build our savings for a potential house down payment. We have to go to Disneyland and I need to give in and buy the plane tickets already before the flights I want are sold out.

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