Short Answer: YouTube

Long Answer: About ten YouTube videos, because someone is giving bad information and you have to make sure the “amazing” recipe you find is actually going to work so you need to find multiple people using the recipe and at least one review of the recipe and if you’re really lucky a before and after video using the recipe.

Back in the day, there weren’t 75 videos on how to make your own dish soap. In fact, back in the day I couldn’t find ONE video on how to make dish soap for hand washing. Okay, the exception was people saying to wash your dishes in Castille soap and I had many, many cuss words for those people when I tried it. Turns out that’s a super-gross way to try and do dishes.

This time? I went to find out how to make dishwasher soap and there was a whole section of videos on how to make regular hand-washing dish soap. YouTube becomes more magical by the day.

We used to buy Charlie’s Soap. A giant bucket of the stuff. We spent in between $90-$120 depending on where I bought it and what kind of coupon code I could scrounge up. Do you want to know when I last bought laundry detergent? July 20, 2013. It was $90.69. That’s a grand total of $1.81/month on laundry detergent. I had found the promised land and it was GOOD, I tell you. SO GOOD.

Now we are running low and I checked the price and – lo and behold – the first thing I found is they no longer make the bucket. So sad. Now there are bags. You have to buy four of the big bags to equal a bucket. Four bags will cost you $173.82 on Amazon.

That’s a hell of an increase from last time! I mean, sure if it lasts the same amount of time we’re looking at $3.47/month on laundry detergent which still seems a great deal compared to your name brand soaps at the store but it’s serious sticker shock and I’m not sure it’s the best deal anymore.

So now I’m considering making my own laundry soap. Has anyone I know actually done this? It seems like a good idea but I’m still wary. Let me know your experience if you have one!