I’m an awful person.

I figure if I start out with the obvious, it won’t seem like I’m trying to sound like a good person with what I’m about to share.

We have been trying and doing a really half-assed job of not spending beyond our means.

It’s been so much more difficult than it’s ever been before. There has to be something in my brain (and in Mr. Brickie’s brain) that has changed or something. I know I’m not being super clear and it is almost more of a feeling than a fact but…not spending money used to be a lot easier.

It could also be that my children are older and things they need are either more expensive (new bike helmet) or they make better arguments that I give in to (more capri leggings to go under dresses) … I’m not 100% sure. This Thursday when Mr. Brickie went back to work I was pleased we only had to spend $44 out of the current check to catch up on spending from the last check.

Not going to lie, it’s embarrassing that we lived beyond our means by $44. I would be embarrassed to live beyond our means by $1. It goes against everything I believe.

So this week we are determined – as a family – to stay under the paycheck. Mr. Brickie worked today but because he only worked two days last week, we’re are not going to be able to use that sweet Saturday money for the savings account and will have to use it to live on.