So if you read The Great Save 2017 you will know what I’m talking about here. If you didn’t you can read all about how I realized while writing my actual blog post I hadn’t accounted correctly for my rent payment which needs to be over double what I’ve been putting away. I’ve been diligently saving toward half my goal for the last four months. Uh oh.

This is mostly because federal income tax doesn’t get processed until February these days (thanks fraudulent small businesses!) and even though he knows he’s getting nine months of rent in one payment, my landlord will text us …often… if we haven’t made our nine month payment by February 15th EVEN THOUGH he owns multiple tax company franchises and KNOWS exactly when we get our refund because we generally get it the first day EITC returns go through.

Like, why are you hassling me when you know no one’s taxes have come in yet? It doesn’t even make sense.

Also our rent was raised this past November. Well it wasn’t raised so much as he “removed the pay in advance discount he didn’t have to give in the first place” to the tune of $25/mo. which, whatever, it’s fine, the discount was an unexpected boon when we moved in and I was thankful for it. But somewhere in between deciding to pay four months when our lease renews so he can maybe not forget we pay in a chunk with our tax refund and that extra $25/mo. I messed up the payment amount to put into savings the last four months and now I have to make up for that in a big way.

All while saving for a destination wedding in Disneyland.

And paying down debt.

I know these are first world problems but they’re MY first world problems and I still have to solve them.

First, we figure out our actual monthly expenses based on the new numbers:

Then we calculate Mr. Brickie’s take home pay and keep in mind that the entirety of last year he didn’t work a 40 hour week so we can’t actually RELY on the income numbers. A four week month of forty hour weeks right now is a beautiful $4,130/month … if he could really make that every month I’d have everything on autodraft and not even think about bills. It would be lovely. Back to reality! If everything goes perfectly we have a surplus of $680 to save or pay down debt or bathe in or make mixed media art with. Except not the last two because that would not help me reach my goals.

I’m not sure what the order of operations should be here. Save money, use it for Disney, pay down debt? Why save money when I’m just going to end up putting money on a credit card at Disney. So pay down credit card knowing more debt is coming?

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  1. I might think a bit differently about this: since attending the wedding is a highlight/priority for you, have you considered just you or you and Mr. B. going to the event? Then having the Super Vacay with the kids closer to home in a more meaningful venue? Just a thought….

    • I am going to think on this. Thank you for the suggestion. I have pigeonholed myself into this one plan… I didn’t even think of other options.

      You Rock!! Thanks again!!

  2. Also it’s a good idea to keep in mind that as long as Trump is president the earned income credit is in jeopardy.

    I say enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

    • I hadn’t thought of that. I know it’s not something I should rely on but it’s tough not to. I’ll keep an eye on IRS news now for sure.

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