If you don’t know the fable off the top of your head, it goes a little something like this.

An ant spends all summer hustling for food. His friend the grasshopper chills and enjoys the nice weather. Winter comes. The ant is all good come winter. The grasshopper knocks on the ant’s door and begs for help because he’s starving.

The story ends one of two ways. The ant either sends the grasshopper away to die or the ant shares his bounty and the grasshopper learns his lesson.

Windfalls in summer make me think of this story. I never really liked the story because I don’t think anyone is just one thing. Just an ant or just a grasshopper. It’s about balance, but if I’m looking for inspiration and a metaphor, this one fits for my situation like no other.

A non-brickie buddy of Mr. Brickie got him on some Saturday side job that pays $350 a week. As much as I’d like to spend that on makeup and nice purses underwear and school registration fees what it’s going toward is the rent deficit. If he can work four Saturdays (it’s kind of a pipe dream, we don’t know how many Saturdays the side gig will last) it will fix the problem of me not saving enough for rent entirely! (Not sure what I’m talking about being short on rent? It’s in The Great Save 2017 post!)

I’m hoping for the best.

I have to come up with money for school registrations and any back to school clothing needs these little urchins have. Sure, I’d love to just take big circles of fabric, cut a neck hole in the middle, and put it over their heads. Add a belt and you can call it fashion, even! But no. Lucky for me I received a lovely box of hand me downs recently with amazing tshirts that fit ALL. THREE. KIDS. It’s bigger on one and more fitted on another but every shirt looks good on every kid. It was like some kind of hand me down miracle. So I probably don’t have a lot to worry about on the school supply front beyond the actual supplies.

I’m behind this year. My 2017 word is SNAIL because I’m usually done getting school supplies in July. We just realized yesterday¬†we don’t have a copy of our lease because we never signed one. As renters it’s super important we have a copy of that lease to prove we live here so our kids can attend school in two weeks. Registration is still today and tomorrow for one school and tomorrow for the other school so we’re not behind but we’re cutting it close.

I hate cutting it close. I like to be early and not worry about deadlines.

This all started when I tried to reduce my anxiety. I find that both funny and very, very sad. I talked to my doctor and she recommended a sleeping pill to sleep through the night but I took it and nothing happened last night. That’s not entirely true. I was awake more last night than I’ve been in a long, long time. It was awful. So tonight I’ll try one and a half pills and see if that works. If one and a half doesn’t work I have permission to try two but no more.

I think once my brain gets used to sleeping through the night I won’t need the pills anymore. The same way taking the anxiety medication made my brain forget how to sleep.

I know that doesn’t really make sense but it sounds fairly logical so I’m sticking with it.

Today should be How We Spent It but he doesn’t get paid until this afternoon. I can’t do one of the balance transfers I need to because the system is down on the back end (so weird, I’m trying really hard not to see it as a sign, omen, or warning)

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  1. The kids brought home a version of this story from the library that I liked even better: The ant spent all summer slaving away and obsessively counting and bookkeeping his bounty. The grasshopper spent all summer making music. Blah, blah, blah, grasshopper comes to the door, ant lets him in. The ant is like, “Dummy, why didn’t you collect and count like me?” Grasshopper was like, “No one taught me.” So the ant teaches the grasshopper how to count. During that, the ant learns to loosen up a little bit and enjoy the music and dance. Happily ever after. The end.

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