I’m doing all the happy dances. This is the first 40 hour paycheck Mr. Brickie has gotten not just this YEAR but since he’s been an 80% apprentice. I didn’t know what a full check would look like. Normally I do projections with the Hourly Paycheck Calculator from Paycheck City and it’s pretty close. We hit a huge milestone with his last promotion to 80% … his take home pay for a week where he gets his full 40 hours is over a thousand dollars.

I damn near fainted.

We have quit using the credit cards and I’m doing balance transfers to put the debt into a “hold and pay off” status. I’ll happily pay 3% to get that 0% interest for 12 or 18 months. It buys time and means every dollar I put toward the debt is bringing down the debt and not going toward interest.

But here it is…how we spent it:

  • Groceries/Gas/iPass/Cats/Spending Money: $525
  • Credit Card minimums and one payoff: $438.12

Okay, so it wasn’t super exciting.

The $350 in cash he made for working with a buddy last Saturday went straight into our local bank. It’s separate from the money I use for budgeting (but we can still see it in YNAB). I don’t want that to go toward regular bills. It’s either going to go toward paying down/off debt or The Great Save 2017 or Christmas. It’s “over there” money.