It makes me feel very old when I say “Side Hustle” out loud. Like I’m trying to sound hip to the jargon and falling flat. Like back when my grandmother used to use the word, “Not!” at the end of a sentence about ten years after everyone else stopped saying it.

I originally thought my side hustle would be selling lipstick. I know I don’t seem the type but honestly I bought it and I put it on in three minutes and it lasted ten hours so I was pretty much sold. Things haven’t been quite what I thought they would be but I got out of my comfort zone and did a salon after-hours and have met some really cool people and am going to do a giveaway at some point both here online and at a local coffee shop. It’s been a great conversation starter. That being said I’m close to breaking even but I’m not in “profitable” status yet. So I guess calling it a side hustle right now is premature.

I wasn’t even really looking for anything else when we passed by the local high school and I saw a sign advertising a job fair. I laughed and said to Mr. Brickie, “Me, as a teacher? Can you imagine?”

“Yes. Yes I can.” He replied.

When we got home I checked the website and lo and behold they only require a GED or High School Diploma to be a sub. Okay, okay, so I could do it…technically. I told him I’d go to the interview and see what was what.

“Be yourself.” He said, “and let them decide if you’re what they want in the school. Don’t be professional.”

I shook my head, “They’d never go for it.”

“It doesn’t hurt to try.” He said.

So I went, I interviewed, and the woman interviewing me said I’m exactly the energy the school needs. Um, okay?

Orientation/training is next week. I’m going to be a substitute teacher. I feel pretty snazzy because it’s the first time having a degree is going to benefit me in literally any way. I get paid per day and with the degree it’s $75 a day.

I’m trying to decide if that income is going to be Christmas money, THE GREAT SAVE 2017 money, or debt payoff money.

It’s going to be set to go into the emergency fund account automatically, so until I decide otherwise it will be emergency fund money. Not a bad backup plan.

I’ll keep you updated on how the substitute teaching gig goes. I hope I make it through the year without running away screaming. I think I won’t know until I dive in and give it a try!

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  1. I think side hustle is still legit, baby. (Then again, I still say fab and groovy.) But holy hell, woman … YES! I think substitute teaching is awesome — the kids will love you!! <3

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