The credit cards are starting to shift from blessing to curse.

Or I’m losing my ability to say no.

Same thing, really.

That means it’s TIME TO BRING THE HAMMER DOWN on spending.

Which is an easier decision to make after making sure everyone has winter boots and coats that fit. So now is a perfect time to be in it to win it especially since I can claim Christmas is coming for anything I’m asked for.

I’m saving up for Christmas.

Mr. Brickie is still having some pretty serious pain in his wrist so is going back to the doctor at some point soon. He’s able to work but wants to make sure it’s nothing more serious. I don’t see that settlement coming for a long time at this point. I can’t find any online resources that give a general timeline so I’m just going to stick with “a long time” and not count on it for anything.

2017 is when all these cards we currently have lose their 0% APR status. So I have to figure out how to pay them off or transfer them before that happens. Pay them off is my first goal, of course but if I can move what I can’t pay that would be better financially.

I just found out our insurance is going to add a dental PPO come January so that $3500 I wasted on dental work was truly unnecessary spending. My bite is still off and I still live in fear of chipping/breaking my front tooth cap so really my whole mouth situation is a sad mess but I look good in pictures so isn’t that what really matters? (That’s me being sarcastic, it doesn’t happen often so I like to point it out!)

The kids have been a little down because they want a yard to decorate for Halloween/Christmas (not at the same time it’s just the complaints flip back and forth depending on the kid and the mood the kid is in) and I won’t let them decorate the common yard because, well, I don’t know. They’ll be happy when we put the lights in the windows and the tree up. You can see that from outside and that will make them smile.

We aren’t sure where we’re spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s right now. It’s the most up in the air we’ve been about holidays in years but I’m less stressed than I’ve been about it probably ever so I’m trying really hard not to look that gift horse in the mouth. If I’m not stressed, I’m good with that, and can keep on moving forward.

I wish we had a house, too. At this point I don’t even care if it’s a rental or an owned home. I don’t even have a type of house in mind … there are some in this town that are new and beautiful and look like every other suburban house … there are others that look like old farmhouses (they probably were) and have beautiful detail on the house and the yards are either tiny or stunning … there are also mid-century modern homes dying to be updated with my retro chic IKEA modern sensibility … there are also crap heaps that are $30k that could be made into something much nicer.

A whole range of home choices in one town. It’s strange. Oh, and there are also plots of land for sale and builders happy to build what you want. Some are in HOA communities and you have limited options and some are just land next to someone else’s house and you can do whatever you want on the land as long as it’s to code.

Oh, hey, did you see what I did there? I started with this whole thing about not wanting to spend any more money and getting down to brass tacks with these credit card payments and I almost seamlessly shifted into daydreaming about a house.

Yeah, I’m good at not thinking about stuff when I don’t want to. It’s a blessing and a curse, for sure.

After paying $1200 for Middle Sister to be on a travel volleyball team (maybe not my soundest decision) and a couple thousand to get the cats home and set up with vet visits and food and litter boxes and whatnot we have about $15k in credit card debt.

It’s stupid scary.

Tomorrow I’ll put the overtime money back into the emergency fund like I’ve been doing and it will be at just over $1k. Then we are going to go Dave Ramsey style and pay off the cards smallest to largest. Since workman’s comp isn’t taxable income, we should get a crazy good tax return because without that five months added to the bottom line we have a pretty low income.

It’s weird. This was supposed to be the year we didn’t qualify for earned income anymore. Ah well. One more year I guess. It’s going to be helpful, that’s for sure.

But even assuming an $8k return (which we both know I could be totally wrong about) $6,750 will immediately go toward rent and that will not leave enough to make up for the sloppy way I’ve been acting with the plastic. Even if the tax return is $10k we’re only going to be able to put $3250 toward credit cards and that will almost…ALMOST…pay off the dental work credit card.

Of course, snowballing will be much easier when Mr. Brickie gets his next raise. 70% (his apprentice level now) is enough to pay the bills but when he gets bumped up to 80% it will increase his check about $220 a week ($880/month) and every penny can go toward credit cards which would have us all paid off in 17 months. But! In that time he will get another rung up on that apprentice ladder which means another $220 a week as well as another tax return.

Also, at some point in the distant future, he will get a settlement from the insurance company. We can wait.

Nothing can be predicted at this point.

In the meantime, I’m going to stop spending money as much as possible. There are things that are going to come up. A perfect example is Big Sister being in band. She needs black shoes, black socks, and black pants for a recital she’s having this month. I picked up the black shoes last week when we went shopping for Little Sister (she had grown out of every shoe in the house!) and I used a coupon and some rewards thing from DSW to get those shoes for a few dollars instead of $25.

I’m not good at couponing, but I do what I can.

So I’m saving money when I do have to spend, spending less and aiming for $0 of spending on wasteful things.

Time to tighten up the belt if our family is going to get everything in check. I’m looking forward to it. The better the budget the more it feels like freedom!

I wanted to end on a hopeful upnote (upnote? I don’t think that’s a word…) but honestly I’m embarrassed we let this happen. It’s not a bunch of charges for stuff, it’s not a bunch of things I regret, so I don’t feel bad about the spending…I just…understand it’s time to yank the reigns and pull the spending horse to a fast and sure halt.

It’s time to get these ducks – if not in a row just yet – at least in a pen so they’re easier to chase. =)

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  1. Unless you’re worried about people taking stuff, I’d consider letting the kids decorate in the common area. Hopefully other residents would likely get a kick out of it.

  2. That stinks about the dental work – some times you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.

    I notice you seem to look to the future quite a bit in this post. That’s all well and good, but please don’t forget to enjoy life and the moment 🙂 Owning a home and having tons of money is necessarily all it is cracked up to be!

    • You’re right. I live in the future far more than I should which not only takes joy out of the moment … it also increases the chances of making mistakes in the moment. I used to plan out six months. Now I only plan out the current month and one month ahead. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. I don’t know that we’ll ever have tons of money because we are taking a hit in lifestyle overall to take care of the kiddos but it’s tough when you hear the stomping on the ceiling not to dream of a home and peace and quiet that is not random. It’s a shame though because this apartment is big and fairly inexpensive so…I don’t know. I waffle a lot. It drives my cousin nuts because she wants me to decide to stay or go and doesn’t care which one but we’ve hit the point where there are no demanding, important, THIS MUST HAPPEN OR ELSE decisions and while I’m the woman you want in your corner during a crisis I’m kind of crap when it comes to day to day decisions that may or may not matter and if they do you’ll never know until you trace them back years later. Thanks again!

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