I cannot express properly how happy I am we are back to regular paycheck updates. No more workman’s comp! He’s back and doing really well at work. We are all much calmer now. It was getting tense around here, I tell you….TENSE.

There was some much-needed breathing room in the budget this week. Most of it went to continue to fix the overspending mistakes of week before last through part of this week. I feel like I’m back on track to stop spending money now, I hope. 

Paycheck (with raise) $939.77 (up from $920.21)

  • Gas/Electric $202 (love that budget plan!)
  • Prescriptions for October $22
  • Gas/Groceries/Cats/Tolls/Other $457.75
  • Union Dues $20
  • Insurance (auto/renters) Savings $120
  • Refill the $100 buffer from last week’s overspending $100
  • Pay for going to to lunch yesterday which was not on the budget $20

Next week is the “extra” check for the month and it gives me a chance to put away gas and toll money for next month. The eventual goal is to pay everything a month in advance … or have it in next month’s budget waiting to be paid since some bills – like the gas/electric – can’t or shouldn’t be paid in advance.

There was a rain day yesterday so Mr. Brickie only worked two hours. It was nice to have him home for a “surprise” day off. I mean, sure, I would rather he was working but my mood isn’t going to change the weather so I choose to enjoy surprise alone time.

It’s wonderful having him back to work. The days are back to their normal rhythm. The afternoons are strange with one child getting home a full hour before the other two. When the younger two get home they are both excited and get loud and talky and folder shoved in my face-y all at once and it’s a bit overwhelming, to be sure. I have to come up with some kind of system where they take turns being first to show me stuff and it will calm down. When he was home he would look at one kid’s stuff and I would look at the other. Not a big deal, but something to figure out.

I’ve been dabbling back in fiction writing. I keep startings stories that shine bright like a sparkler and for just about the same amount of time. The ideas are interesting, but I don’t think any of them are strong enough to be the backbone of a novel. They feel more like short story ideas. I will continue to work on it, though, because it’s what I want to do. You know, my passion or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

We still haven’t decided on a solution for my daughter’s trombone dilemma. She’s been lugging it home but that’s not going to work come winter. I don’t know what to do. Renting a second instrument seems both expensive and excessive. The band department said they would check if they had an extra but another person in the department said they were all being used by kids in need. She really likes playing (and is turning out to be really good at it) so I want her to have as much access as possible. I’m torn.

Today’s big chores are to pick up cat food, order a cake for Little Sister’s birthday, and shop for dinner. I’m actually skipping the shopping for dinner because we had frozen chicken in the freezer and I put that in the crockpot with some liquid and ranch seasoning and bacon crumbles. I’ll serve it over pasta with a couple sides of veggies and the girls will be thrilled. I try to cook healthy but unless it’s some kind of raw, vegan pile of veg….I’m not actually sure what’s healthy anymore.