This morning I woke up to my front tooth breaking. Or would it be better to phrase it, “My front tooth broke and I woke up.” It is a chicken/egg scenario where I think the tooth woke me up when it broke but I can’t be sure. It’s the capped portion of the front tooth so I hope I can call the dentist and just have that fixed up this week sometime since I only got it done a couple few weeks ago. Since I’m not a pro skateboarder it is obviously not my fault and I shouldn’t have to pay for it to be fixed. Since I got my whole mouthful of fillings from her I have extremely sensitive teeth and can’t chew gum because my bottom tooth hits the back of my (now-broken) top tooth so…maybe I can get that fixed in the process.

We have been dealing with the high temps this weekend with a combination of not being home, two window air conditioning units, and fans. I’m a little worried to see the electric bill but I’m more worried I’ll melt. I turn the kid’s air off at night and ours is set o 70 degrees so it only goes on when the temp of the room drops past 70 degrees. It’s not on as much as I thought it would be. I could sleep if it were just the room at night being 70-ish but that humidity is what kills me.

Humidity is not my friend.

Yesterday we went to the local national park for National Get Outdoors Day. The kids made tie dye t-shirts (I did, too!) and learned about watershed and how to upcycle old CDs into animals with the help of glue dots, googly eyes, and construction paper. They played in canoes and tried to guess the bird call. It was a really fun day and (like I always do) I wished I was more outdoors-friendly so I could take them on hikes. I have a three hour limit for direct sunlight and I just start to wilt and shrink and get faint.

We spent zero dollars on this super fun activity beyond the gas it took to get there and back. Today we’re going out of state to visit family and it, too, will be a day that only costs the gas to get to and from their home.

It feels like we might be done hemorrhaging money! I’m going to use this weekend as a springboard to keep the momentum of no spending going.

I hope the dentist is available this week to fix this tooth. I hate my front tooth being all jacked up.

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