Oh wow.

He’s in so much pain. They gave him norcos (Vicodin + acetaminophen) but they aren’t doing a damn thing. In conjunction with the top and bottom ice packs it feels like we’re reducing his pain by, like, 20%. He’s in SO MUCH PAIN.

I’m scared but trying to remain calm because:
A) No one else is going to remain calm.
B) The doctor sees him at 11am and maybe he can help.
C) I don’t have any more energy for freaking out.

So we are here and he is suffering and it sucks.

I slept last night but woke up every time he whimpered, called out, or moved in his sleep.

Thank goodness it’s Friday. The kids are going to go feral this weekend because we’re all just going to hunker down and get through it.

Or try.

Thank you for all your kind wishes. We will get through this.

3 Comments on Surgery Day (After) – Part 2

  1. I know it’s hard, but try to stay strong. Deep breaths, this will be a tiny blip someday. 🙂 Prayers to you and your husband!

  2. Here’s hoping for the best. One day at a time is all you can do with medical situations like this. Hopefully they find the right approach or figure out if something else is going on.

  3. Good luck. That’s Awful. I have no idea if that much pain is normal. 🙁 I’m so sorry you guys are going through this — after all you’ve been through it does not seem fair!

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