We have been BUSY lately. In addition to regular work and  Mr. Brickie working on side projects we have had softball every weekend since it began a million years ago. I love the girls being in softball but man, we haven’t had a weekend that was just a weekend to relax and do whatever since Mr. Brickie has been back to work. When we realized the three day weekend was coming up I asked Mr. Brickie if he wanted to get in contact with someone about doing a side project and he just looked at me and for a moment I could see how exhausted he was right down to his bones and he said, “I would really like to do nothing this weekend.”

I gave him a hug and said, “I think it’s a fantastic idea for you to recharge your batteries!”

He smiled that smile that gets me right in that low spot of my heart (I like to think it’s the part that belongs only to him, so cheesy, I know) and I hugged him again, a little tighter this time, because that poor man would work himself to death if I asked him to.

So now we are all home and it’s abnormally quiet for a Saturday afternoon. Big Sister is sitting at the table drawing. I think she said she’s making a coloring book. Earlier she was teaching Little Sister to spell some sight words.

This is the first day I can remember where I slept in (till 12:30!!!) and did not wake up feeling guilty and awful about wasting the day. It is the first day I can remember just being in the moment and not feeling a pull toward working on something for the future.

I am in the moment and at peace.

It’s a great feeling.

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