Last year Mr. B participated in a bricklaying competition. He came in second place because he started his pattern a row off and had to tear down two courses and start over.

Tomorrow he participates again and is determined not to make the same mistake.

Since Mr. B has been a bricklayer and I hear him tell stories about solving problems or getting things done, it’s really helped me understand him on a more basic level. The problem solving skills he brings to work are the same ones he uses at home when we have a disagreement. This understanding has allowed me to see when he’s trying to solve a problem rather than get caught up in the same old arguments of the past.

The longer he lays brick, the less we argue.

He still makes financial mistakes sometimes (he’s the guy that uses the “wrong” card because he wasn’t thinking and used the debit instead of the credit or vice versa) but they aren’t life-changing anymore. It’s still frustrating when he brings home the wrong thing because he didn’t read the package (Did you know King’s Hawaiian Rolls come in a Honey Wheat flavor? Gross.) but it’s not something that makes a huge difference.

So, today the whole family is going to the Training Center an hour and a half (ish) away from home to watch our brickie compete. If he wins he will go to Maryland. Don’t even ask me how I feel about that because I’ll just cry. I’ve tried to think of some way we could all go but it’s in Bowie, MD and as much as I want to stand in the middle of Bowie and sing WE COULD BE HEROES….JUST FOR ONE DAYYYYYY it doesn’t seem feasible at all. I just looked the town up and it’s home to the Belair Mansion which I would prefer not to go to because I don’t support plantations (obvi) but to stand in front of it and sing the Fresh Prince theme song? I’d show up.

He’s probably going to qualify.

Then he’ll go to Maryland. Without us. Sometime in September so the kids will be in school.

I will be so bummed proud of him.

I’ll let you know how he does.

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