Where’s Mr. Brickie?

He’s not here… he there?

He’s not over in a chair. He’s not still asleep in bed with a pillow on his head.

Where could he be? What could he be doing? Is he hiding in the hall?


Not, “At a side job.” Not, “Doing a family member a favor.” Not, “Painting something.”

At a bricklayer work site doing bricklayer things. WITH BRICKS. (…and maybe stone)

We found out yesterday, including the all-important address, but I still didn’t want to say anything because I get tired of saying THIS IS IT and it turns out the “this” is, in fact, “not it” and I slink back to my hole where the lying liars go after they’ve lied. Plus, after last year saying, “any week now” lasted through the end of June and I felt like it was a record player skipping back over and over.

But he’s THERE at the SITE right NOW so NO TAKESIE BACKSIES they have to keep him. He’s like a stray puppy and they are kind hearted children. I also filed unemployment certification Monday for the two prior weeks so we are about to have a serious influx of cash by the end of the month. Tomorrow unemployment goes through and then next Wednesday the new job paychecks start and there is still time to get two more before the end of the month.

I have a list here somwhere of target savings goals for birthdays, Christmas, back to school (FOR THREE KIDS OH YEAH) and insurance. Basically I need to save $200 from each paycheck in addition to replenishing the emergency fund and the $260/mo. I put into the rent fund. I’m not sure if it will be enough but starting so early in the season, we COULD – if things go well – have an extra $2200 for those categories before June 28 when he started work last season.

The only weird thing? He’s working with a different company than he did last season. We were so sure he’d go back to that company – and I’m sure they’re still going to call him – but you have to go with the job that’s offered to you. This is a company he hasn’t worked for before but one of the BAs at the union called him for the gig. If you know anyone that’s going to become part of a union, please tell them how important the meetings are. Mr. Brickie never sees anyone from his class at the meetings and rarely sees early-on apprentices. They don’t see the value, because they don’t understand networking. People want Mr. Brickie to succeed because they know him and showing up to the meetings and talking to people is how he got to know them.

Sure he lerned it from watching me back in the business ownership days where I would go to networking events all the time and meet new people, but he is taking it to a whole new level.

The season has started!! Let’s see how much different things are at the end of this season, shall we? I can’t wait to get started!

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