There is a sign in front of my house.

It’s one of those cheap jobs with the wire poles you stick in the ground. Usually they advertise for a Sherriff or City Councilman or Governor. This cheap throwaway says, “Happy Easter! He is risen!” (Upon taking and editing a picture I realize I have the sign slogan reversed but honestly it just doesn’t matter.)

I don’t have a problem with the sentiment. I find it strange that it’s right in my line of sight when I look out my living room window because I rent and so the lawn sign is not mine but it sort of is because it’s there in “my” yard.

We don’t know who put it up (we know who didn’t!) and now that it’s the day after Easter I find myself wondering if it is going to add to the stuff that lives in our yard. We came to look at this apartment in November and when we came there were these adorable Halloween adornments on the front porch. On one side of the door an oversized glittery pumpkin and on the other was a little witch on a stick. Adorable yard ornamentation that made me feel like whoever lived here cared about being part of a community. Someone who liked to show spirit.

I took it as a very good omen that this was the right apartment for us.

Now, the He is Risen sign reminds me the pumpkin and the witch are still on the porch, rotting in that sad way decorations do after being left out the entirety of a long, cold midwestern winter. Discolored. The witch’s broom broken, reminding us all that if you stay too long and don’t take care you may never leave where you are at for warmer climates.

What, I wonder, is the appropriate amount of time before I can take the sign in the yard to someplace that is not my line of sight. I do not want to touch someone else’s things, I’m very mindful of not messing with someone else’s stuff, but there is also no reason for our yard to become the island of misfit holiday decorations and slogans, either.

Not to mention the now-months-old knit cap that has been on the porch.

Is it appropriate for me to take cleaning up the yard into my own hands, or am I doing something bad to someone’s property? Is there a timeline on this? Is it worse to get rid of the easter sign than it is to get rid of the halloween decorations because of the obvious religious implications? Where does one dispose of a four-foot wide once-glittery orange pumpkin lawn ornament?

These aren’t problems people who own a home face. This is strictly renter territory.

It’s very confusing.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything to cause trouble.

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4 Comments on A Weird Drawback of Renting

  1. Honestly, I would ask the landlord. My guess is he doesn’t want janky crap left out, either.

    And I hate to be critical of my brother/sister in the faith, but I find a yard sign to be a really random way to express your joy over the risen Christ. When I think of ways to express my love for Jesus, “yard sign” is not even in top ten. To each his/her own, I guess.

    • When I think of ways to express my love for Jesus I, too, feel that “free yard sign I probably got at a church for free” that takes literally zero effort to stick in the ground does scream, “I’m phoning it in for the lord!”

  2. Well, we own a house and still have a pumpkin in our window. Is that bad? LOL Maybe I should take it down. However, as I was discussing with the neighbor yesterday, it still has not rotted. I check it every few days. And it seems like a shame to move a non-rotted pumpkin to someplace where it could incur water damage (like the countertop) and rot. So.. it’s still there.

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