This is a super short one because I have been stupid-crazy-sick for a week with a fever and lost time and everything.

I feel better today but still really weak and my brain is kind of hurky-jerky and it wants to keep a train of thought but before I know it I’m suddenly thinking about how awesome a slushie would be for my throat and totally forget what I was talking about before. Like now. Thank goodness I wrote in the title first to keep me on track.

$865 – Tax Return
-$503 – Pay off store card
-$300 – Savings earmarked for brakes & exhaust work on the 1990 Toyota so he can commute in it this spring/summer for work.
-$30 – Bought a pair of boots for my daughter because she loves boots so much she wouldn’t stop wearing her snow boots so…I bought her a pair of black, not-snow-boots from Target.

So now we are down to THREE credit cards. The wal-mart card and the two regular credit cards.

It’s so nice out today I’ve started praying like a madwoman for work to start early this year. We are on fire for 2015 so far even with my bad decisions earlier and I want to keep this amazing momentum going!

Scentsy Update

I made $135 (cash, not product credit or whatever) my first month as a Scentsy rep. That means that starter kit is paid off. I currently have a basket party out and a mini tester kit I could turn into another basket party in a minute. I’m trying to figure out the best way to mail the mini testers if someone not-local wanted to host a party so they could get free and half-priced items. I’m kind of taking a break thinking about it right now because I really overwhelmed myself and then with being sick? I just can’t even think right now.

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