So. The Luck of the Irish isn’t a compliment. Now you know. It means something in between a, “That guy is so dumb only luck keeps him alive.” and “If it wasn’t for bad luck, he’d have no luck at all.” Depending on your context. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it’s a good time to use it but if you keep those two goalpost definitions in mind, trust me, you’ll know the next time a situation comes up that it’s good for. (It happens more often than you’d think.)

I’m here for you guys. Really, I am. If nothing else now you can use it as a sneaky insult like the southern ladies do with, “Bless her heart…”

I’m a very lucky person. Sure, I’ve had a few things happen along the way that weren’t bad luck, but let’s look at the good luck that’s happened over the years.

Three gifted children with remarkable social skills? Luck. You cannot plan that. People can try and be all, “Genetics, consistent parenting, blah blah…” but nope, you don’t’ know what’s going to work and even if you interview the whole family back to the grandparents you can’t know how those genes are going to mix with yours. Plus environmental factors. You just can’t factor everything in. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

My husband finding a job with a pension and excellent health insurance? Luck. Sure, I asked every human being I met for years what they did for a living, what requirements were needed to get the job and if the person loved their job. I did. Sure, Mr. Brickie met a millwright and after the application and testing he thought, “Hey, I should apply to all the union jobs in cook county!” But the bricklaying training course opening when it did, him finding jobs….all luck.

Finding our current apartment. You guys….seriously…..this apartment is amazing. It has felt like home since the first night I slept here. Plus it has a basement with a washer/dryer. I have a three-bedroom apartment with a basement. I … I’ve never felt more lucky than when I take a moment and think about where I live. It’s seriously got to be at least a thousand square feet not including the basement. We get a $25/mo. discount if we pay three months or more in advance and when I paid the nine months with our tax return? He knocked an extra $25 off. So I’m paying $747.22 a month through November.

This TOWN. Okay, last night was kind of stressful because I was going to the YMCA (in town!) and since it was Dairy Queen free small cone night traffic was blocked between where I was and where I needed to be. I had to detour around and backtrack and I was ten minutes late to class (which you know had me just wanting to go home because being late makes me panic) but I pushed through and this morning I have aching muscles and a good feeling to show for it. The people here are, on the whole, very kind and open. We meet with the girls softball coaches this week and I couldn’t be more excited! Then we will attend SpringFest on Friday where the kids will enjoy bounce houses and all kinds of stuff. There is so much going on in this town that it’s easy to keep the kids doing stuff.

Sure, I could choose to nitpick everything but today I’m talking about luck so nitpicking isn’t what I’m about. I’m not going to tone down these lucky good things and I’m not going to put any disclaimers on them. They are what they are and we are, truly, very lucky.

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    • It’s fabulous for what we need, for sure. Transplant someone from Manhattan here and they would cry.

      Thank you so much I hope you have something lucky happen to you, too!!

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