Windfall Y’All!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Mr. Brickie has had hundreds of listings on Criagslist for the past few years. A few of the things we have sold are action figures, comic books, painting supplies, power tools, hand tools, and even things like those Muppets glasses from Burger King from back in the day.

We aren’t good at Craigslist and it was difficult to get things sold but he kept pounding away at it and I kept reading up and rewriting product descriptions and titles to try and make things seem as awesome as we thought they were.

Friday, we fiiiinally sold a huge lot of comics from Mr. Brickie’s childhood. When we first tried to sell them, I think he was hesitant. Years later? He was as relieved as I was when they sold.

We sold them to a private party last week for $800!!! You might remember I researched the tax implications of Craigslist sales last March and a quick search doesn’t yeild any updates in the law I can find, so I feel pretty confident that it’s a great windfall with no hidden implications. Of course, I’m not a tax professional and this is not professional advice. In fact, never take advice from me. It’s safer that way.

We also got the unemployment check today, so we’re working with an unusually large amount in our checking account right now. That means we have an unusually large amount of bills about to get paid!

…. here is how the expected and unexpected money got spent!


I considered just topping up the emergency fund. I also considered using all the extra money toward credit cards.

For perhaps the first time ever, I decided to compromise and pay off some credit cards and replenish some emergency fund. So mature, right? There are also a couple other lots of comics that this party might purchase in the next few weeks!

I’m really excited that we’ve been able to get things done before the bricklaying season even starts. I have decided to be superstitious today and consider this a great omen for the year. As you know, the goal is to knock out the credit cards and the car by the end of summer (leaving only the giant, gross student loans which is a whole other thing I’ll have to reserach. Gross.)

A Note About The Direct Sales Thing

I’m going to start sticking the Scentsy updates at the end of the post and putting a header on them. That way if you don’t want to read about it you can be like, “Oh, it’s that part of the post, I’ll skip this.” and if you want to read it you can. I want to chronicle this part because I’m a person that SWORE she would never do something like this.

If I don’t do well I can use it to show my kids someday how it went. If I do okay and break even I can show them that there is a moderate road you can walk without going nuts.

It’s a financial thing that’s happening so, basically, it would be total b.s. not to write about it but I never want you to think I’m trying to use this blog to actively sell. Mostly because I always want this blog to be about the financial journey and the emotional stuff that happens because of that journey. So please know when I write about it, I am doing so in the context of the blog’s mission, not changing the focus of the blog on a sweet-smelling whim.

Direct Sales Update

I sent out thank you notes this week, put together and gave a friend a basket party this week, and realized I don’t want business cards. Everything I watch on YouTube is about how to do this or that and it’s like people are just dumping money on everything and hoping for the best. I’m trying to spend less money but put in more effort. That magic place in the middle where I’m creating value with the experience as well as the product.

I’m going to end up ordering something from my friend’s party. Not because she needs the help, but because there is one with an Edison Bulb called the Parlor Lampshade Warmer. I know Edison Bulbs were cool years ago (and really expensive) and I don’t mind that the trend is going mainstream, now. It’s kind of weird and maybe it’s because I’m old but I like what I like and it’s okay if it’s “over” or “so last year” because whatever makes me smile is right on trend for me. It’s just an exposed Edison Bulb in a round glass case. I think it’s going to be really beaufiful and I hope it throws off enough light to use as a little desk lamp.

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