Today We Are No Longer Homeowners!

I know you’re probably cringing for me because it’s such an awful thing this whole foreclosure business but really we’re past that and on to the celebration of starting the new chapter in our lives.

A chapter where people are kind.
A chapter where we aren’t crazy dirt poor.
A chapter where my daughters are blooming from being planted in fertile educational soil.
A chapter where things only get better. (I mean on the whole, I’m sure emergencies will still occur.)
A chapter with hope as the underlying message.

With the weather being so awful-cold he hasn’t worked yet this week so rent is going to be a struggle this month but he’s going to try and figure something out (as am I).

It’s okay. We’ll get there.

In the meantime? No albatross around our necks and $120,000 less debt. Our Net Worth has improved drastically overnight.

Have a great day.

(Technically the court date was Tuesday, Jan. 6th but today is our first full day of being not-homeowners!)

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  • Alaina Frederick

    So I know it may come out wrong, but I’m glad for you. I’m happy that you are where you are as I think you are meant to be there. Even though it’s a struggle you are doing so with such grace. It’s a real inspiration to others that all they want to do is whine and cry and hold the “Woe is me” pity party. I don’t see a pity party at all with you, instead I see a strong family that is rolling with the punches and making the best of their situation. Reminding others that there is nothing you can do about yesterday, enjoying today for what it holds, and knowing that there is always a tomorrow. Thank you!

    • jennydecki

      Totally not coming out wrong! Thank you so much for understanding. It may hurt a bit to rip te band aid off but it wouldn’t be healthy to just leave it. (Hugs) thank you again. I appreciate you!

  • Patrick M. Murphy

    There is a terrible lie that getting out of a home loan is always the most horrible thing. The fact is if the deal is getting worse all the time, get out of it and find something better. A home loan is only a benefit if it is a benefit. I too have had to give up a house when it wasn’t working out. It is not the end but a new beginning, one that was sorely needed.

  • Shannon Foster

    It is like they say, “When one door closes, another one opens.” I know this was a rough patch for you but I also know you and your family are stronger now and better off in many ways. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Janine Velasquez

    A little over a year ago we were rowing the same boat you are now in.It is certainly survivable, and even a relief of a sorts. Today we are in a different home, one more suited to our needs. With the kids out of school keeping the better school district is no longer the burning issue it was in years past. We expect to be out of the maze of credit repair by the end of this year. One thing, from one who has gone b/4: Get and KEEP the paperwork for the foreclosure. Get some kind of statement that claims forgiveness of the loan. otherwise there is a huge amount to be paid to IRS (yep, seems stupid, but there you have it) or they will assume that the loan principle is INCOME that you still have and want to tax it for you. Don’t let that happen. We were fortunate to have all that, so it didn’t rise like a snake (BOA) (if you get my drift) to bit us once more in the lower regions. This is me, telling you: Congratulations! You no longer own a house! Be comfortable in your new home, though