I was telling my friend yesterday that I was so sure we would have to move into some awful sacrificial place because we were such failures I am having trouble getting comfortable in the new place.

The bedroom is bigger than at the house.

The kitchen has a better flow.

The windows are all normal and not kissing the ceiling with a narrow dare to find decent draperies.

There are blinds. Have I told you I’ve fallen in love with blinds? They’re so….easy.

Thanksgiving was uneventful in all the best possible ways. The food all turned out perfect and the company was great. My girls were talking about how nice it was for families to get together and have a nice holiday together where they could be in love and watch football and fun movies (we watched Despicable Me 2).

I keep feeling like it’s Sunday and I feel my brain and insides kind of bear down to get prepared for Monday where we have to find out about the school lunch issue…oh, I haven’t told you about that, have I?

We hit our first snag in the new school.

I sent Middle Sister with a dollar on Wednesday because they have snacks. When she got to the counter, the lunch lady took her money and didn’t give her the snacks because they haven’t been put into the system for the free lunch program yet. Middle Sister was so sad when she got home but said she didn’t cry at the school because the lunch lady looked like she felt really bad about taking her money and Middle Sister didn’t want to make it worse. So sweet, right? I told her I would replace her dollar and we would try again next week.

In the meantime I’ll find out Monday what’s going on and what I should do to make sure it won’t happen again.

She DID receive her lunch so I have no problem with what happened. They just didn’t let her have the bottle of water and the chips. 100% no big deal.

The night before last was the first night since we started sleeping here Sunday that we really slept. It was great.

It’s funny because when we were talking over whether we were aiming to rent a house or an apartment we never in a million years thought we would actually get the best of both worlds. The main floor of a house converted to apartments with an add-on bedroom and a little (clean, well-lit) basement to do laundry. No lawncare, no snow shoveling, no remembering what day trash day is. No water bill, no trash/sewer bill.

A private back door and a 90% private front door. Windows looking out onto the street where I can type and watch the cars pass and the kids ride bikes and walk.

Because did I tell you? There are kids everywhere. Walking, riding, moseying everywhere. No one will look at me funny if I let the girls walk to school (which I will when it’s not bitterly cold out) or let them bike to my cousin’s house a mile away. It’s a normal part of life here.

I feel like after having a fundraiser we should be in someplace made for serving time or doing penance for the wrongs of our choices. But we did look diligently and saw many places before this one opened up. I remember wanting the four bedroom we saw so much. I still would have liked to give each child their own room but that’s just decadent and unnecessary. Their bedroom is for sleeping and the third bedroom is for their toys and books and a friend is going to give us a futon so they have a place to sit. (Because of course the couch wouldn’t fit through the hallway. Nor would the chair and a half.)

We haven’t eaten out since we’ve been here, although we have had cup o’ noodles a couple times because the counters weren’t clear until the night before Thanksgiving.

We all gave thanks for this place.

It’s good here.

Thank you to my readers who shared links to LIHEAP in Indiana. We don’t have a utility bill yet so I think I may have been jumping the gun there. I have not put in the paperwork for Little Sister to go to Head Start yet because we can’t find it just yet. The refrigerator that would not fit is off our back porch and sold. We are still working on selling the stove and the dryer. ┬áMr. Brickie goes to the house every day to make sure we have the things we need as well as to make sure the house is safe and not broken into.

We are still very much in transition but we are more here than there and that is amazing and comforting for all of us.

Last but not least Mr. Brickie found out there is a job he is going to after the current one ends. Hallelujah!

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  1. Yay!! Your new place sounds just awesome! It just warms my heart to think of you guys happily settled in and not feeling like you are paying penance — because you definitely don’t deserve to.

    It’s great to hear there’s already a next job set up … isn’t it awesome to have all that panic and worry gone?!

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!

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