The conversation between The Landlord™ and Mr. Brickie had all the word cues of a done deal. The Landlord saying “your keys” “when you sign the lease” “after the first year you can…” and other things that show where his mind is at. Things he did not say the first go round. (Feel a little bad for poor Mr. Brickie who has been trained over the last 10+ years to remember the exact words people say and then parrot them back to me so I can analyze them. I’m awful. Really.)

It turns out the reason they needed to meet in a Cabela’s parking lot is NOT “because Indiana” but because the landlord does not live in the same town as his building. Luckily he was really happy to hear from Mr. Brickie and was amazed at how clearly and neatly the application was filled out. I take care in filling out applications because a person might not judge bad handwriting but they’ll always appreciate not having to make an effort to read your name.

The next step in the process is the background check. They use a company. He put in the information last night so – sometime this morning – I should receive an email letting me know someone requested a background check and to “click here” if I approve of these strangers having my most personal information.

Yes, I’m hitting refresh on my email every five minutes.

When the background comes back clean (it will) and the credit check comes back not great but not bad (I honestly don’t know how to find out a legit credit score because yeah my Walmart credit card and Credit Sesame tell me my credit score every month but those aren’t the reports that get run by actual people, are they? I thought I read somewhere that getting your own credit score was relatively inaccurate) we will have to decide on a move-in date.

Because the landlord would really, really like us to move in sooner than December 1st.

Mr. Brickie was sent home today because it’s too cold to work (the mortar that hold the blocks together won’t set) and next week looks bad too, so we’re about to miss the “we have paystubs” window.

I think this one is going to go through, though. I really have a feeling about it. The fact that I had the feeling before knowing the rooms are pretty much the same size as our bedrooms here at the house? I think that’s a good sign and isn’t driven solely by a desire to not live in a shoebox. Although, I have to be honest here, it would be really nice to live in this place because it’s definitely bigger than shoebox. The last place we looked at the conversation was, “Well, we could get a full size bed and just be cramped for a couple years.” This place? The king size bed fits with room to spare for nightstands and a dresser. So we wouldn’t have to replace anything.

Wouldn’t that be nice? I could just sell or get rid of everything we didn’t need and not have to get anything new.

When we move, I assure you, I am not cluttering up the new place. If it doesn’t have a place in the new apartment it doesn’t have a place in my life. Period.

I’ll let you know as soon as I get the email. After that, it should be 24-ish hours until the get a response and we get a final decision.

So the question is…when do we move in? We can pick any date we want and the rent will just be due on that date every month. We could pick this Saturday or next Saturday or try and hold firm on December 1st. Are there any pros/cons you can think of when it comes to a move-in date?

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3 Comments on Waiting & Wondering & Picking a Moving Date

  1. So glad things are falling into place for you. We moved to a smaller place back in July and the hunt was so stressful. We had to move out of our old place a few days late because we couldn’t find anything within our budget/that we’d be approved for. We applied here as our last resort. The reviews were panic inducing, but the new management has really been on their job.

    I am still purging. We went from 3 bedrooms and 1/2 a shed to only 2 bedrooms. I still can’t believe how much crap we’ve accumulated. We purged before moving, but it wasn’t enough. I had to let go of my hand-me-down hoarding tendencies because we simply don’t have room. We used to store the boxes in the attic at the old place. It seems we have attic space at our new place, but we’re scared to go digging around, lol. The great thing about having a smaller place is that it has been easier to decorate. Our last place never felt “done”. The layout of our new place and pre-painted walls (score!) makes it feel so homey. Here’s to a new beginning… 🙂

    • I am so so sorry this didn’t show up sooner. I approved it from my phone and that app can be wonky sometimes. My apologies.

      Things falling into place is a nice feeling. I’m thrilled you’re feeling good about decorating, I am, too. There are a couple rooms in the current place I got “done” but alllll the other rooms were bare walls I would try not to look at when I walked by. Congratulations on the pre-painted walls! Those do make things a lot easier. We are benefiting from that in half of the rooms in the new place.

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