We didn’t paint anything in the current house for the first five years we lived here.

I just wasn’t into that kind of thing. I don’t know why.

When we finally did paint, I picked a color that most people probably wouldn’t have. A rich teal.

Then we got an IKEA bedframe and it looked like this:


After some picture accents the room looked really, really nice and I was happy. Really happy. My bedroom became a refuge and sleep came easily. Everything in my bedroom is calculated to make me feel comforted, special, and loved. I know talking about a bedframe making me feel loved is super weird but bear with me. The person I feel like I am when I see that bedframe is the kind of person that owns that bedframe. I like that person. I want to be friends with her. I think she’s a super cool chick.

This is why I feel paint is magic. That bedframe in a white room would be fine. In a neutral colored beige room it would be fine. In my deep teal room? It’s magic.

So, when we looked at the new place we were fine with the walls being painted a neutral shade and, in fact, appreciated there was a well-done fresh coat of paint on everything.


I want MY bedroom. Realizing I could transport that feeling of comfort anywhere was a really big deal for me. The color of my room was a big part of that comfort. So, when Mr. Brickie texted me this picture of our new bedroom.


I’m not ashamed to admit I got a little misty. It doesn’t matter where we are geographically and I have no pride connected to owning vs. renting because I don’t have much pride left about anything after the last couple years, but I have my bedroom. My bedroom that’s going to look the way my heart wants a bedroom to look.

….and my bedroom is going to look magnificent.