Mr. Brickie was breaking down (uninstalling? unbuilding?) the beds as we tried to figure out a new date to ask everyone to come by and help us move. We also went over moving truck options like U-Haul or renting a big truck from Enterprise and using that to move things.

The biggest issue was the immediate (or near-immediate) need for my king-size mattress so I can sleep in our new place.

After going back and forth I asked Mr. Brickie if I could look on Craigslist and he was all grumpy and grunty and NO about the whole thing. He didn’t want to pick up random strangers and have them touch our things and know where we live. So I went looking for a business that had a website. While you and I might know that a website does not a reputable company make, he’s more easily swayed and I figured I could use that to get a couple quotes anyway.

Side Note: He tried to get a quote from Two guys and a Truck and they still haven’t gotten back to him with a quote but since we’re moving over state lines that causes a whole heap of mess with being insured in both IL & IN. So I sent him the website all, “Look what I found!” style and he called and the guy couldn’t help us because of the licensing thing. (He’ll be licensed in two weeks and could help then! Gah!)

So I found another one that specifically listed Chicagoland AND Northwest Indiana and looked for a website on the listing but….yeah…no website.

I had to come clean and tell Mr. B that I found the first one on Craigslist and this one, too, and he didn’t really care anymore so he called and the guy and his buddy are going to come by Sunday morning at 9am with a 27′ box truck and move ALL our stuff to our new place.

So now we’ve switched from a U-Haul and a few friends and a few things moved to ALL OUR STUFF IN ONE BIG TRUCK IN ONE TRIP and while I know I should feel thrilled I can’t quite manage it.

The closest thing I am to relieved is probably cautiously hopeful.

Because there are too many horror stories to ever feel not a little bit worried about Craigslist. (I did a search for the company name and the dude’s name that runs the company and nothing bad comes up so that’s a start. Yea for due diligence.)

So instead of Saturday being our first night sleeping in the new place it will be Sunday night.

Since my Internet is getting hooked up on Saturday night (between 5pm and 7pm if I’m suuuper lucky) the bright spot here is not having to move in to a place before it gets Internet.

In the meantime it’s piles of boxes and Rubbermaid bins and separating and labeling and getting everything into the living room so on Sunday morning we can move everything as quickly as possible. The movers are hourly, so being prepared is going to save us money.

Prepared? Oh yeah, I can work with that.

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4 Comments on Craigslist to the Rescue (I Hope)

  1. YAY — it’s almost done!! We ‘rented’ guys too, LOL — there was a website ( or something like that) that we used. Two guys for two hours, and they got everything loaded. It was awesome, and you’ll be so glad you have the help. Professional movers know how to stack the truck to make the most of the room. (I assume it’s a 27 foot truck, because 27″ is might small. ha ha — just teasing!)

    One thing that saved a LOT of time was that we wrapped all the furniture, pictures, etc. ahead of time so the movers didn’t have to. We used every spare blanket, tarp, etc. that we had, as well as that plastic wrap stuff that movers use, tons of packing tape, and some bubble wrap where needed. We took all the drawers out of the dressers ahead of time too. If you can get any of that done on Sat. then they won’t have to.

    Good luck and have fun setting up your new home!

    • 27
      Beep Beep … All our stuff is going to fit in that huge twenty seven inch truck! (I’m laughing so hard, thanks for catching the typo!!)

      I didn’t even think about wrapping the furniture. Or taking the drawers out. Luckily we have tarps (plastic and cloth) so that part I’ll remind him about because I don’t think we’ve ever moved with professional movers before. Oh. Wait. I have, but I don’t remember anything except the box with the pole in it for hanging clothes. That box was awesome.

  2. The best experience I ever had with hiring movers was actually something that apparently happens nationwide. Off-duty firemen. Seriously. They’re all over the place. They work for super cheap and they actually PREFER when you “tip” them with food! YMMV, but those three guys showed up and had my house packed in the truck and unloaded at the new place cross town in less than 2 hours. I was overjoyed. I made them cookies and you’d think they didn’t have wives who fed them.

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