I receive a LOT of junk mail.

Most of it is advertisements from law firms who want me to call RIGHT AWAY to SAVE MY HOUSE. I sigh, because wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to make a phone call and have something of substance happen? Going through this process has been awful. Even before foreclosure was looming or processing there was the FHA streamline refinance that we tried to do. We couldn’t because there was a HUD partial claim from a 2005 refinance and Citimortgage denied ever helping to process that and did not have the paperwork.

Bummer for us, we have only become people that save things in the last seven or so years, so we didn’t have that paperwork to prove anything.

Our FHA streamline refinance that would have kept this whole foreclosure thing from happening by lowering our payment by almost half? It didn’t happen because we didn’t have the paperwork AND we had no way of getting the paperwork from Citi. It was a bad deal all around, really. I didn’t talk about it too much because it’s a thing that happened and I tried not to focus on it too much since it was water under the bridge and I try to deal with the now, not the then, in order to stay sane and not spend my whole life second-guessing myself.

So when I got this green sheet of paper in the mail it kind of felt like junk mail but it didn’t say anything about advertising on it. The law states you have to state communication from a lawyer is an advertisement on the envelope, I think, because if not I’m sure these law firms would use all the shady tactics in the world. They still manage to imply all kinds of things even when you know it’s an ad.

I handed it to Mr. B and asked him to give them a call and see if it was just another paper for the round file and he asked me if I remembered the number you type in to block yourself on caller ID. (It’s *67 in case you’ve forgotten.) He talked to a lawyer from NACA for almost a half hour and the man gave us advice he said, “…would cost $2000 if you went to one of those places that promise they can stop your auction before it’s too late.”

The advice? File Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I had heard of this technique but thought it was too late for us to do it. I thought it had to be filed before the official foreclosure process started.

Filing Chapter 13 would buy us two more months for NACA to work with Citi and get a modification worked out. They would need two months of the previous mortgage ($2400) at the end of the two months, but if we did that we would be current on the mortgage and our new payment would be $700. A far more manageable sum of money to come up with every month than the $1200 we were paying. (Yes, the $700 includes taxes and insurance and yes, I’m pretty sure it’s too good to be true.)

I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do. I’m not sure if we could even come up with $2400 in two months. I don’t know how much it costs to file a Chapter 13 in my county. Okay, I looked it up. It will cost $281 to file the Chapter 13 at the courthouse.

So, worst case scenario, we buy two more months by filing the Chapter 13 and it costs us $281. Other case scenario, we come up with the $281 to file and the $2400 for the bank and we get a refinance that keeps us here for the low, low price of $700 a month. (It’s not really a “low, low” price. It just sounded good when I said it out loud as I typed.)

Also, we pretty much qualify to be part of the class action lawsuit. So we’ll get a couple grand and a lawyer will get a shiny new private jet because tort law.

What the hell am I going to do?