So there’s this cool new thing.

Okay, it’s probably not new. I’m sure some of you have probably known about this forever and a day. I don’t know how new/old it is because it’s one of those blogs that doesn’t have dates on the posts. I guess they’re just too minimal for that. (It’s my blogging pet peeve. I’m not saying they can’t/shouldn’t do it but I don’t have to like it, either.) It has been brought to my attention this article originally appeared September 26, 2013. Thank you Wendy. It was driving me crazy like a tiny hangnail. 

Enough whining. Visit this post about The Minimalists getting rid of stuff game and check out how cool it’s going to be. You will get rid of 465 pieces of stuff during a 30-day month. If you are like me and Mr. Brickie, you have decided to both do this and the last day of the month will see your donations add up to a whopping 930 pieces of stuff. I love that this challenge works for almost anyone who isn’t already totally minimalist. If you don’t have a lot of stuff, you can count each piece of junk mail. If you’re like me, you count the whole stack of junk mail as one thing. If you’re in a very cluttered place, you start big. If you’re already pretty put together you start small.

Ways to Participate

Instagram & Twitter: #septmingame
Facebook: If Facebook groups are more your thing you can either PM me and let me know you want to be added to the group or you can stick with using the hashtag above or just do it on your own and tell everyone it’s your idea and that you’re a total minimalist thought leader. I won’t judge. (I do not run this FB group. I’m just happy to add you.)
Privately: I know, this is a crazy concept but you can just do this yourself without having to be part of a group.

Here is my first post for the challenge.


I’m excited about having a good way to track this. Whatever day of the month it is? That’s how many things to get rid of.

Easy is fantastic.

If This Sounds Overwhelming

If it sounds like too much, don’t fret. The goal is to get something done, not to get it done exactly the way the game says to. Not even the way someone else is doing it. Even if you get rid of one thing a day, you’re thirty things less cluttered at the end of the month. Doing something is far better than doing nothing. You don’t get a cookie or a trophy or a badge for being perfect so get rid of one thing today and tell yourself, “I did more than I was going to. I’ve gone above and beyond.”

Doing one thing every day or a few things for a few days is better than giving up without starting because you couldn’t do everything the right way. There is no right way.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Many thanks to Michelle Pendergrass &  Dianne at Pop Rocks & Eye Drops (If you’re participating on Instagram you can follow Dianne at @bunnytrails and use the hashtag #septmingame) for bringing this game to my attention and being an inspiration to join in!

4 Comments on The Minimalist Game

  1. THIS!

    I love it.

    Carrie and I will be getting rid of a bunch of stuff over the next 3 months.
    (We are hopefully moving to a different house Nov 1st. Moving is always a good time to clean house.)

    I am not sure if we will track and post like the game suggests, but we will be getting rid of stuff.

    Believe it.

    I love that you are doing this. Fun!


    P.S. Would you believe me if I told you that The Minimalists (Josh and Ryan) stayed at our house 2 years ago while on their first meet-up tour? haha, it’s true!

    • That’s so great you guys are doing it, too!

      Even if you don’t post that doesn’t matter. I know you’re doing it and that’s one more person I have in decluttering solidarity.

      That’s crazy they stayed at your house. I am sure they were lovely houseguests that didn’t use all your shampoo. In my mind people who are minimalists don’t turn into the kid who wins the five minute shopping spree at the Toys R Us just because they’re in a house where there’s more stuff.

      Congratulations on the move, since it’s hopeful you’ll be in my thoughts for success and an easy (as possible) transition.

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