I was thinking out loud to Mr. Brickie yesterday and I was telling him how happy I was to finally be able to buy underwear.

Yeah, I said underwear. I’ve actually been lucky because friends have given me underwear that they ended up with for various reasons and didn’t need/want anymore or they turned out to be the wrong style and everyone knows that if you have undies you can’t use (that are new) I’m the woman to call.

Yesterday I bought 11 pairs of underwear.


I pretty much own all the underwear in the world now.

Spinal Tap loud levels of underwear.

For the sake of clarity I could have purchased underwear before yesterday. I could have bought underwear instead of clothes for the kids for school. I could have bought underwear instead of work shirts for Mr. Brickie. It was always an “instead of” purchase. No one had to sacrifice for me to buy some new bloomers.

The underwear conversation (and taking a moment to laugh at myself because no one in their right mind gets that excited about underwear) led to the “I wonder if we are still in poverty” conversation because it’s those little things like being able to buy something after so long that kind of shock you into thinking your standard of living might have gone up a notch.


I realized that if you break it down monthly we did it. ($27,910 /12 = $2325.83)

When I add the last four checks Mr. Brickie received (plus my awesome copywriting gig) we made $3592.18 over the last four weeks.

——————-> WE ARE NO LONGER IN POVERTY  <——————-

Sure, it might only be for one month and we may or may not clear $27,910 by the end of the year.

But for now? We are out of poverty and I bought underwear.

It’s a great day.





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  1. My favorite line, “No one had to sacrifice for me to buy some new bloomers.” — Because isn’t that the motherly thing, to sacrifice our own wants so our loved ones can have something, instead.

    • It’s not my kids’ fault we didn’t have money so it just seems logical they should sacrifice the least. Thank you for your comment ((hugs))

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