I am guessing the key to this prompt is to be vague enough that none of you have any idea what I’m talking about.

Which is difficult because different people know different things and gosh if everyone I knew got together that would be the end of me. Because I have a secret.

Some of my friends are in my life because they replace other friends I have lost.

There was this one friend I had a long time ago and she was really cool. I’ve always been awful at communication and she was really bossy so I kind of got led around by the nose the entire friendship. I started to get a little annoyed, then resentful, and then downright angry.

When I finally vented my grievances the other person never saw it coming and it came across as a waterfall of anger and accusations and it was, by any stretch of the imagination, COMPLETE OVERKILL.

They felt horribly wronged because I turned on them like an angry terrier for what they felt was no good reason. I felt wronged because how could this person – supposedly my friend – not know they were walking all over me like a damn bathmat?

Thus ended a friendship.

….and now there are probably ten people who think this post is about them, but you know what, it’s not. Because this is about the first person I did this to. They don’t even remember my name. Sorry if that’s breaking the “vague” rule but I don’t want all y’all to think it’s about you when it’s not. Because I’ve probably done this to more than ten of you. So embarrassing. 

Axis of Ineptitude

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