I feel for people on Monday. I truly do.

Mostly I feel for my kids on Monday. They’ve just had this fabulous weekend and suddenly they’re back at the school grind. No matter how they love it I generally find myself singing this while getting them ready on Monday mornings.

Also, when I get 80’s jamz stuck in my head I’m more bouncy and less crabby, so I don’t actively discourage that song being in my head on Monday mornings.

I know, you’re like, where is the bitching? It’s coming. Oh, it’s coming. 

So I have a To Do list I make over the weekend with things that I have to do and things Mr. Brickie has to do and general “someone gotta get this done” stuff as well.

When I wake up this morning the kids are at school and I walk into the living room – still half asleep and groggy – and before I’ve even had a drop of coffee I croak out, “Have you called your people yet?”

We decided (or I told … sometimes the lines are blurry) he would get in contact with everyone jobby today and check up on what the prospects are like out in the big bad bricklaying world. So when he responded with, “No, I haven’t had a chance yet.” I was like, “Whatever, get it done.”

So he did, and lo and behold there was a list that came out this morning. A list of 20 new jobs that started today with an unknown number of bricklayers on each job. Apprentice needs? Unknown.

My bitching here is twofold. 

1) Sometimes I get tired being the woman behind the man doing the thing. I get tired of having to remind, schedule, cajole, wheedle, nudge, push, kick, coddle, and remind. Oh, I’m sorry, did I say remind twice? It wasn’t a mistake.

2) My husband loves his job but the way you actually get a job is a damn mess. Since he’s still so low on the totem pole he only knows so many people and only has so many contacts. So he can get recommendations but these companies do not have websites, they do not have facebook pages, you cannot find public phone numbers in most cases.

So between making sure he gets OUT of the house and starts meeting people on job sites and making sure he’s milked information on where those job sites are from the right people this is the difficult part.

It was similar last year – which is cold comfort – but this part? The part where he drove and drove and filled out application after application? It reminds me of the part of childbirth where you are so tired and just want to give up but that means you’re almost done.

It’s the transition period of this industry.

For those of you who think maybe he should just get into another industry, let me remind you of the BLS numbers.


So I’ll keep bitching and moaning because I know, eventually, he’ll be working damn-near constantly because a huge part of that growth percentage is going to be in urban areas and we’re by a huge one. Huge, huge, huge. I gotta tell you though, I just want to scream sometimes. I get really frustrated sometimes, and once in a while I will look at my husband whom I love more than I love myself and the chorus of this song runs through my head.

Usually I don’t complain or bitch too much on this blog because I’m trying to be a different kind of person. Even when I do bitch you can hear the strained hope trying to bust through the cracks. It’s the person I want to be forcing its way through the crunchy coating that is my negativity.

I want this. I want him to be working and happy and the closer it gets the crazier I feel.

Lucky for me I have a new therapist.

Maybe I should bitch about how many times she used the word schizophrenic in our intake meeting? Naw. I’ll save that for later. After the next meeting, perhaps, when it’s less intake meeting and more Me & My Clinical Neuropsychologist. (That could totally be a buddy-cop movie. Couldn’t it?)

It’s been an hour and he’s still not out of the house getting his job hustle on. I don’t CARE that it’s because he’s getting dressed in his work clothes and getting his tools together in case he can just hop on the job or just because he wants to look ready to work. (Kind of like wearing a suit to an interview, I guess?) I just want him to be out of the house making things happen already. I want to force the magic of being in the right place at the right time.

I think I might stab him with the power of my mind out of sheer frustration.

Axis of Ineptitude

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    • It’s a tough line to walk because he’s not any more stupid than any other man and I don’t want someone who is crazy-ambitious because I’d end up with the dude from American Psycho because ambitious dudes on their game have their own sets of issues. Once he gets on a job he’ll be there, on auto-pilot, doing a great job for the rest of the year. I just have to get there. Without killing him. LOL

    • I think part of the apprenticeship is learning how to navigate these waters. Eventually he’ll find a permanent company/home. It’s just frustrating now. Sometimes I think it’s like a sorority hazing. LOL

  1. I totally feel you! I have been traveling the last week and I brought in my mom because without the woman behind the man (and the kids), it all falls apart! He is lucky to have you because not only do you support him but you know your stuff!

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