I’m taking a break from the May posts thing. We’ll resume the fun posts tomorrow.

With nine days left until our next court appearance about the house, I’m a bit nervous. Luckily Mr. Brickie had a side job with his cousin and a couple other leads and he’s selling some stuff on Craigslist and we have our emergency moving fund we set aside when we got our tax return so we are still just plugging away toward whatever comes next.

The chicks and the coop plans have kept us from going crazy with worry over work and the house. It’s a great hobby.


First, we moved the little ones out of the rubbermaid bin because one flew out. So we needed one that will keep the chicks safe until they can move into their coop at 10 weeks of age. they’re about two weeks now, so Mr. Brickie thought it would be a great idea to make something that will just last for the next couple months. It was also good practice for the real coop he is going to build in the backyard.

Here is all the stuff he’s gotten from Craigslist from the “free” section.


As you can see, one is even a duck house there against the garage! So all this wood is going to turn into a wonderful coop. We’ve been looking at plans so much that Mr. Brickie finally went ahead and drew up his own. The only things we are missing from being able to totally complete the coop are roofing shingles (may be optional) and construction cloth which is a very fine, strong mesh designed to keep things out of the coop. Chicken Wire is designed more to keep chickens in. It’s not good to use when building a coop if you want to make sure your chickens don’t all get eaten by a hungry coyote.

I can’t wait until their home is up and painted and ready to rock!

Work Update

We are staggering along nicely with our savings from the tax return (aka the just in case emergency moving fund) and the this-and-that of our everyday hustle.

As soon as there is a project to be worked on, Mr. Brickie will be on the team. That’s all we have from the bricklaying front. It’s enough. Like I told my mom, last year he didn’t start working until June 5th, so to panic before that is just silly.

The chicks keep us occupied and sane. The aquaponics plans keep me interested in the future. Aquaponics is where you use fish and plants and have some symbiotic relationship where you can reuse the same water and things grow like crazy.

Want to know more about aquaponics?

I’ll keep you posted.

Also, I’ll do more chickencam as soon as we figure out where to put the webcam in the new brooder. It’s not nearly as convenient as it was pointing it into the rubbermaid container.