I have a book on my counter that was due on the 10th. I haven’t finished it yet, I’m slogging through to the end like a tortoise in molasses. I’ve even started reading a new, better, more shiny book instead but can’t seem to let the other one go until I’ve gotten to the very last page.

I’m kind of weird like that when it comes to books. I just have to finish. There is no, “Meh, I’ll quit now.” option in my brain. So every once in a while I just keep a book when it was supposed to be returned (I’ve run out of renewals) and decide to pay the ten cents a day in penalties. There are fabulous organizations I could join at the library, but I consider my late fees as a direct (non tax deductible) donation to the place I love in my town more than any other.

About Those Kettlebells

I bought a kettlebell (15lb / 6.8kg) because the workouts looked cool and I want to start weight training. I’ve wanted one for about five years but finally took the plunge when I saw there was a 40% off sale at amazon and since I have Prime I was able to get it to my door for under $20!

I spent the next four weeks looking at it sitting next to my office chair and picking it up with my right hand or left and and just lifting it up and looking at it. I basically engaged in exercise foreplay with my kettlebell and got the feel for it before deciding to take the leap and just, you know, work out.

Thursday morning I had that moment. The one where you’re like, “Yeah. Today is the day.” The older kids were at school and Mr. Brickie had taken the youngest to the dentist. I hopped on YouTube and searched through videos until I found one that was short enough I thought I could do it where everyone looked like they were focused on form and not just whipping the kettlebell around everywhere.

This is the one I picked

I checked it with some people I know do kettlebells and really care about form and they said that it was okay. For a free YouTube video I was pretty sure “Okay” was as good as I was going to get.

Now, two days later and I’m still having a little trouble getting up from my chair and, god help me, on to my toilet. It’s like, why can’t the toilet be like three inches higher because then I would be fine, but nooooooo. I’m sorry if that’s TMI but there it is. My toilet was made three inches too low.

On the bright side (idiot alert coming, be prepared) I learned the big muscles on the front of my thighs are my quads. So I can wander around and be all, “Oh brah, my quads are screamin’ from my kettlebell workout!” and sound totally cool. Okay, maybe not cool, but I’ll sound like a wannabe and you know, that’s more than I had three days ago.

Today I wanted to work out again but since my quads still hurt I wanted to find a kettlebell workout for my core that didn’t involve my legs. I found a couple and did the stuff up to where they get on the floor because – and here’s a fun piece of trivia – I can’t lay down on the ground without all the nerves in my back and my butt and my arms and my legs going crazy with pain – so floor work is something I avoid at all costs. I’ve been this way since I could no longer lay down completely in the bathtub and float, so probably single digit age. As soon as I had to sit up for the whole bath, it was showers all the way. I’m weird.

From this video I did the disco dance move and the football catch move. If you watch this one, the way he spells kettlebells with his legs at the end is hilarious. I kept wondering if his body was more defined on the right side because of how the alphabet is but then figured it was a minimal difference and appreciated the fact that dude was trying to mix it up and keep things entertaining. I respect that.

From this video I did the halos. Yes, that’s right, just the halos. Between not getting on the ground and wanting to give my quads all the rest they require so I can walk correctly, I had to skip pretty much everything else. I did leave it on my playlist for later, though, because I like to save workouts I do that seem to have great form.

Those halos are intense! I loved them and felt the muscles on the sides of my abs like crazy. I love feeling the muscles work. Not, like, work-hurt, just feeling the resistance is something I dig the feel of.

Every time I learn a new move I call Mr. Brickie in and have him try it out. Of course, I’ve pretty much forgotten (because I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to my husband’s high school glory days) that he considered himself quite the weightlifter in high school. I’ll wait for those of you who know or have met my husband to stop laughing.

You okay now?


So my 135lbs. soaking wet husband who thinks he’s weightlifting champion of the world always takes the kettlebell with a total gym-bro look on his face and proceeds to hold it wrong. Like, totally wrong. So after we spend time on his form he will then tell me a story about his high school lifting. Usually it’s the same story, because testosterone? I have no idea. But then he will do the move and try to do it like 50 times.

Here’s the thing. I have to correct his form about every second time. He doesn’t get that it’s far better to do five reps of something with perfect form than 100 reps of something just whipping the kettlebell around. I think he’s ignoring me when I speak or something because I am telling you I’ve told him this over and over. He’ll watch the video and then just start whipping it around.

That didn’t sound right at all.

I finally got through to him (this time) by telling him if he had sloppy form he was more likely to lose his grip and throw the kettlebell into my television and if that happened I would kill him. Surprise! The minute his form was good he couldn’t do eighty million reps.

He is such a goof.