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Mr. Brickie could be working any day now.

These days are really tense.

With him being 14 working days away from a substantial raise, it would give us a little breathing room if he could just work those 14 days without issue, but the weather is our master and questioning it leads to nothing but despair.

It’s what you deal with when you work outdoors.

There is a lot of hope in these days. We all just want him to work. We hope he will. Every night we stare at his phone, waiting for it to ring, knowing it could be the call to go in to work in the morning. So far it hasn’t happened, but mostly that was because of the sheer amount of snow that was dumped on our area on Monday. Today the laborers are cleaning up the space (as long as it’s not too wet) and then if the weather holds he will work tomorrow.

One never knows, though, how the weather will ultimately go.

That being said, this week looked so great and then flood warnings and other issues came up and it didn’t look great anymore. Next week looks abysmal. Any week now, any week, we will be able to get back in the swing of the life we had for a few short months and cannot wait to get back to!

Until then, there is hope.