My Shady Ambulance Bill Story


So I’ve been dealing with bills I racked up the last time I went to the emergency room.

This is actually a good thing. The reason I’ve been having these problems is because I have primary and secondary insurance.

See? A good kind of problem.

I assumed my Medicaid (The poor folk insurance not the old folk insurance. I always mix the names up.) would be cancelled when we got the PPO coverage through Mr. Brickie’s job. It wasn’t. It’s become our secondary insurance.

So now I wait for bills to come in and I send back my primary and secondary insurance information and wait for the bills to go (at least partially) away.

My mail had a new bill today. The ambulance company. They wanted to let me know in big, bold letters they had billed all my insurance and I better send them what I owe. Which looks like the full amount.

Uh…if this is the first bill I’ve received I know darn well they only have one insurance company on the books, if that.

It makes me angry when any company uses threats and scare tactics and lies to try to get someone to pay a bill that’s not even past due. One that is using my town’s name on the letterhead so the lie seems more legit?

That makes me furious.

So I have a phone call to make on Monday morning to let them know that they did not, in fact, bill all available insurance companies. No matter what their Microsoft Word invoice template says.

They better be receptive, because I sure as heck don’t have $500 to fork over because I was in too much pain to walk. I know Google isn’t the most reliable source but everything I’m seeing makes it look like I should be covered. The ER doesn’t give you morphine with a toradol chaser for hangnails.

It’s not like I screamed for my husband to call 911 because I needed a taxi but didn’t want to wait.

They didn’t even put enough of the name of the insurance company they did bill for me to be able to just mail back the copy of the card they need to complete the file.


Companies should make it easy to provide information quickly and securely.

Have you had to deal with an ambulance bill before? Were they shadier than your other medical bills or is this company being a special kind of awful?