dollar-signSo, as I mentioned in my last post, we have more bills than we have money due to the unexpected insurance payment.

After some discussion, Mr. Brickie and I came to the conclusion that the best way to handle the bills this month was in order of priority. You know, as opposed to order of due date.

The water bill (which is a little over two hundred dollars) is going to have to wait. Waiting means we’ll be taking on a forty dollar late fee. We don’t see a way around it. If we don’t pay the insurance by the last day of the month, we just don’t have insurance in December. There’s no backdating, just a lapse in coverage. We can’t risk that. Far better to pay a late fee on the water bill.

The car payment will also have to wait. We can pay it up to ten days late without a late fee or a ding on our credit. (Stay tuned, soon I’ll be talking about why we don’t give a rat’s about our credit because we are about to destroy it in a big ol’ ball of flames.)

So, the order we are paying bills in is as follows:

  1. Insurance payment ($495)
  2. Water bill ($200-someting)
  3. Car payment ($495)

There’s also an Internet bill in there that’s $68 but I think that pretty much be paid at any time. I’m not paying anything until that Insurance gets paid, however. Just in case something else comes up. I’m not risking the Insurance for anything. I have too many kids that like to jump on things, off of things, from thing to thing…it’s just too risky to not have the coverage.

I have this amazing spreadsheet I created (don’t get too close, I might accidentally hit you while I’m flailing around to pat myself on the back) that tracks Mr. Brickie’s hours so I know how close he is to his next level of apprenticeship (translated: about a $4/hr. raise). About a week ago I decided to add a tab and track how much take home pay Mr. Brickie gets for how many hours he has worked. That way, when he tells me he’s worked 29 hours (like he did last week) I can check the spreadsheet and know – to the motherloving penny – what his check will be come tomorrow. I went through every past paycheck and have a pretty good overall view of what most typical paychecks look like.

More information equals better planning.

According to my plans, I should have enough by the end of this month to pay for the Insurance  and either the water bill or the car payment. The other payment (whichever one it turns out to be) I should be able to cover with the next week of pay.

All I want is to get back to having a thousand dollar emergency fund.

I think I have to rely on my tax return for that. Not a pretty prospect.

That being said, I’m thankful beyond belief I’ll be able to pay all my bills, even if some get paid a little later than others.