dishesSo a few housekeeping updates….

  1. Facebook still thinks the new name is a spam website shilling goodness knows what. I’m not sure if I even care, but you won’t see my links online unless you like the Money Siren Facebook Page. If you don’t, I’m not going to be personally offended.
  2. I’ve been on hiatus because there is a local group of women (read: one really, really petty/pathetic little girl who influenced everyone else) I was acquaintances with recently and now I’m not and, while I don’t want them to know my business, I also don’t really want to be silenced because some women don’t like me and are judgmental. I blocked them on Facebook but they’re gossips, so…they’re only here to enjoy anything that could be seen as negative. They can enjoy their asses off while my spouse puts me first over prior partners and I think about people with my own mind instead of going along with the group. (See: schadenfreude)
  3. I’m going to start being pretty raw. Cussing will happen. I don’t care. I’m over caring. I have a husband with a great job and great kids and a wonderful life. You want to hate on me for being poor or fat, that’s your problem. I’m over it.
  4. Since I’ve decided it’s okay for my 8 year old to know my budget, the whole world can know it. You don’t like it, fuck off. Because that’s my blog now. A whole lot of public fuck off. Except for those of you I love, whom I consider loved and adored and unfuckoffable.

Any questions? Email me or send me a Facebook message.

We good?

Alright, let’s get on with this money shit.