fathers-day-imageI was talking to a friend of mine on Facebook who was talking about Father’s Day Gift Guides (well, actually, gift guides in general) and how they were a pain to put together. She is an amazing author and spends hours putting together a gift guide with gifts for almost every kind of father! (You should visit her at her amazing, fabulous blog.)

The thing is, I could never make you a Father’s Day gift list of amazing tech and quirky gadgets. We used to do things like that but haven’t for years. It’s a side effect of having no money. While being poor can be not-so-great it does force a family to be creative on holidays to show dad how much we love him.

So I’ve made a gift guide for father’s day that requires no money. Here’s an unexpected bonus: You never have to worry about affiliate links when the suggestions are free! 🙂

All that to say here are five ideas I’ve used in the past to celebrate Father’s Day without spending any money. They’re dad tested, mother and kid approved!

Always a Classic, the Homemade Card – Not just from the kids, either. Make your honey a card for goodness sake. If it’s just the kids making cards, supervise so they put a little extra effort in. This one works in addition to any other ideas.

Write and Choreograph A Family Musical – This one has more to do with the type of kids you have than anything else. If they’re creative, they can stage a play or a musical for dad. From costumes to dance moves to songs they can make Father’s Day special. Bonus points = Making him sit still and watch. If you can get a princess crown on his head, so much the better.

Rock A Scavenger Hunt – Front yard, back yard, local park, or even friend’s houses…a scavenger hunt can have clues written by the kids to find trinkets, matchbox cars, or other toys. When dad finds them all, he wins! (What he wins is up to you, but we just said he won hugs and kisses and we’d make dinner and he was pretty stoked.)

The Sound of Silence – If the father in your life is a quiet guy who loves a good book or has a bunch of shows on the DVR he hasn’t had time to watch, this is the gift! Take the kids and go to the park for a few hours and let him watch or read whatever for a while.

Storytime is Together-Time – Have your child or children read a story to dad. Do you know what his favorite book was when he was a kid? I’ve heard Where the Wild Things Are is a favorite for boys/dads everywhere. If not, there’s always Goodnight Moon or an Olivia book. Make sure your little reader takes the time to show dad the pictures while they read. The beauty of Father’s Day is the focus on family.

Whatever gift you choose, whether it’s free or costs money, all that matters is that the family is making an effort to show dad he is a special guy. From playing video games together to reading together, from  putting on music in the living room and having a family dance party to letting the kids serve dinner like they’re the family waitstaff. Whatever it is, make sure it’s about hugs and making memories.

Love is always the best gift.